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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From Strength to Strength

So there is the story thats been unleashed as of lately. Its about a 19 year old boy from India who has become famous (and included in the Guiness Book of World Records) for bodybuilding. He is 2ft 9 inches tall, and weighs just about 1.5 stone (maybe, just maybe 21 pounds?)

Here's the funny part, and no, I am not trying to take ANYTHING away from him, but you have to admit: you have to giggle after you read this next few lines. Why is he in the Guinness Book of World Records? Well: the worlds smallest bodybuilder of course... with 3 pound dumbbells.

Now, that's funny. That's lighter than most women's handbags!!!

And if you still cant grasp the "lightness" of the issue... lets put it into perspective. He has been listed in the book for the world's smallest bodybuilder for lifting 3 pound dumbbells which is the equivalent to:
A)lifting a 1/2 gallon of milk
B) lifting the average weight of a human brain
C) lifting less than a Mac Book, which weighs 5 pounds.

I pulled a few images off the net: have a look.

Maybe it makes me giggle cuz i love the look on his face.. its just so "serious".

In actual fact, I think its great he has overcome such obstacles (i.e. height deficiency) and has used it to his advantage (Book of World Records).

And... I apologize, I just cant help myself.. does everyone hear the song : "From Little Things Big Things Grow" playing in the background while reading this? Or, is that just in my head?

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