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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Please stop

To put things in perspective here, at work we have separate toilets for the men and separate toilets for the women.  Here is the thing: there are 2 women in the office… and thats including me.


For some reason.. .the OTHER woman keeps walking in on me when Im in the bathroom. Serious.  Not like I have much to hide, but let a girl piss in private for goodness sakes. You can see the light from the bathroom under the door shining thru.. so its obvious Im in there… and I HAVE NEVER NEVER NEVER walked in on her… so Im thinking its not that hard to not walk in the bathroom while its occupied. Guess Im wrong.

She does this heaps. And, when Im saying “hello… occupied… excuse me….’ until she gets the hint and closes the door (or that fact that my hair is big enough she should be able to see it above the little wall space when she whips the door open) but no.. it takes a bit to sink in.. and then she giggles….

I dont think its funny bitch.

Plain dont.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aussie Aussie Aussie.. Oi Oi Oi

Aus Flag 08EsphereA

Happy Australia Day…

I had hopes I would have been a legal resident by now.. but It hasnt turned out that way.. YET. Still waiting on paperwork. So, hopefully next year, I will be!

Either way, whatever your doing today… Im hoping its a wonderful day for you.. remember the reason your celebrating today, and make us proud.

Enjoy the day and please be safe!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Todays Idiot

So.. I figure I should do some segment called “Today's Idiot” as each and every day there seems to be someone whom you encounter where you just shake your head, or gasp for breath quickly, or want to punch in the head.

Here is today's:


Carousing the parking lot earlier today, one finds them self on the defence. Children running thru the spots; shopping trolleys / carts abandoned and left for the perfect dent; the car 3 spots ahead of you that cant decide left or right and then halfway thru decides nope, going straight';  You name it, the parking lot can be scary.

And so finally breezing thru thinking yippee… this idiot pulls out in front of me.. I was driving straight, and he decided to join my lane, which meant he had to encounter another lane of traffic before he came to the very front of my bumper. He is damn lucky I was looking folks, cuz he certainly didnt. His head didnt so much as turn in my direction at all.

Admittedly, there was a little bit that wished I would have gotten him.. ya know to teach him a lesson and all..but then I would have had a dent in the car and that would have really been bad for his health (he certainly wouldnt be alive now).

So hooray for me folks, I saved another idiot on the roads. So, when you stumble upon this idiot and his is oblivious to your vehicle.. you can thank me for not killing him today!

Stone Fisherman.. looks so inviting.


Ever have those days when you just want to sit and be in your space?

Thats the day Im having.. but the space I want to be in is a spot back home in the not possible today, right? I want to lie in the grass amongst the trees and not worry about snakes and bullants and sandflies.. all that creepy itchy stuff. I want to be at one with the earth today… and I cant. I couldnt back home either.. its cold, snow filled ground wouldnt allow me to anyway.

Things are fine… I guess there is just so much in my head and I just want to be at one with it, and dump it… let my head breath again. I feel as if my head is about to explode with everything in it. It seems as the thoughts, pressures, ideas, everything is no longer tucked in its place into the crevices.. everything is pushing against each other and just wild in my head.

I need an escape from myself. And right now, the stone fisherman seems like a perfect escape.

So, Im off to officeworks for printer ink & paper & speakers. My speakers at work for my computer have shit themselves.. and I am really feeling the need to have music in the background at work.. its been killing me listening to the dead silence of nothing.

Then, to the beach for brekky, and then off to my world again. Unless I stumble upon that little spot to let my mind free. But somehow, I think the stone fisherman might be hiding today.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Securing his future

So, Prince William is here in Australia.. or he might be gone, I dont really know, as I couldnt care. But, I know he was here.. he stopped in Sydney, Melbourne, and I know he went to the areas affected by the devastating fires which killed many, and tormented the people of the affected areas. Remember the Black Saturday fires? Well, he went there on his trip to Oz.

I think its great he went to that region. Apparently, he was well received and everyone seems to think he is a  ‘nice young man’.  They appreciated him coming to there towns (according to media).

Other media states that everyone seems to be giddy with his appearances in Oz, that he is well liked, and very people friendly.

Great. Hooray. All that jazz.

As if hes going to walk in and be #1 prick… seriously. Australia is still under the monarchy. Granted, not in the same regard that it use to be ages ago, but it is still under the reign of the Queen. And, as the Queen isnt getting any younger, someday, Mr Prince will/might be the King. So, of course hes going to be showing all the nice behaviours.. hes securing his future.  If he showed up being an ass, do think he would get support? No. What if he snubs his nose at the country? No, support nilch. Come on… He is making sure that we all get baffled by him and want to support his lavish lifestyle and so forth for decades to come.

Ah, just my opinion.. but thats what I think.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Baby Events

My dear friend, lets call her Candy Cane is pregnant.. with twins! Yesterday was the baby shower which one of her friends had organized, and surprised Candy Cane! It was great!DSCF2034

A milestone was reached yesterday for me. See, the invite stated that we needed to bring some nappies/diapers in a particular size… What a great idea! Def something that gets used, and now Candy Cane and hubby have an assortment of sizes for when the little bubs grow!  Well, my invite said INFANT size.  I head to the store, get prepared,and ask a friend who has worked with kids on helpful tips to buying nappies/diapers. It may sound funny to you, but never having bought this item before.. I needed to make sure I got it right.

So, Firestick J sends me to the store, and Im feeling a bit more confident… shes told me that there many different sizes: Newborn, Infant, Crawler, Toddler… the list goes on. Speaking of list.. I even wrote the word INFANT on my shopping list… I knew it might be daunting at the store… so didnt want to mess this up.

As I stand at the nappies section, theres a ton of varieties, brands, colors, sizes, numbers, weights, etc… Holy Shit… didnt expect this… pink, blue, green, yellow, purple… packs of 180, 32, 48, 60… shit.. all to many options.

So, I decide to just look for the size. I check the list again.. INFANT. I eliminate all other options on the shelf and find the ONLY pack of INFANT… check the list again, yep, INFANT… cool. Done. I have now gotten the last pack, the ONLY pack of INFANT nappies on the shelf. (Sidenote: Firestick J told me to not get the generic… so that helped the options decrease!).

I head to the store where Firestick J is and all proud I show the package and feel a sigh of relief as she nods in approval. I think I was sweating and elated that  the task was complete. A lady walks by and says “Did you get girl or boy nappies”. 


No one told me this… seriously?  After a moment of panic, I realize it doesnt matter as Candy Cane is having twins: and luckily, a boy and a girl. So Im covered…. at 34 years of age I have bought my first package of nappies. And, better yet, there not for me! I think IF I have kids one day, cloth nappies are the way to go.. damn those are spendy little things for a baby to just piss & poop in!

Thankfully, other women at the party who are childless seemed to experience a similar experience… good times. Guess I can check that off the list… purchase nappies, and survive the experience. CHECK.

I cant wait to meet my friends little bubs… and by the way, if we all looked as good as my friend carrying twins.. I think more people would willing be pregnant.. she looks FANTASTIC!



We all had to decorate a singlet for the little bubs… I made a Peace sign.. of course!


Candy Cane in her outfit prepared for the day. Rattle, bottle, bib, and custom shirt!

DSCF2040 Isnt that the cutest belly?

DSCF2043 Exhausted!

Such a great day, filled with laughter and heaps of excitement for Candy Cane & hubby! 

Friday, January 15, 2010

No thank you..

(photo from EONLINE)

Yes, its posted twice.. the photo.. I just wanted to make sure that once you threw up, you could throw up again... nice huh?

Theres a new movie out.. its getting rave reviews by the fans, but critics apparently hate it. Or vice versa.. dont really know, dont really care. Just not a fan of some of the people in the movie, so I cant really see myself going to see it for $14 anyway. AND, after spotting this lovely photo from the movie... NO THANK YOU. Yuck Yuck and DOUBLE YUCK.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

ack.. thank goodness Im not a teenager anymore

I went to the pool today.

It was moderately busy, but soon dwindled to just a few of us.

Then, it ended up me with 3 of us. Me….doing laps (trying to get my knees better and apparently laps are good for it.. kills, but trying to work thru it!) and 2 teenagers (boy & girl).

It soon becomes obvious that the 2 kids in the pool havent met before today. While swimming I can hear bits of the conversation, which seems to be pretty boring.

However, I had to leave after hearing this:

Boy to girl: “I dont like coming up here (sidenote: i think he visits his dad who lives in my complex on holidays) because I always have to share with my little brother.”

“when I play the Playstation 3, he wants to play it. When I play the Playstation 2, he wants to play it. When I play on the Wii, he wants to play it. Even when I go to the computer, he wants to be on the computer.”


Listen to your options you spoiled little whining child… you have 4 entertainment options which apparently dont satisfy you.. you cant socialize with your little brother? Ack.. disgusting.

Whats worse, is I think this is the kid who continues to undress in front of my neighbor thru the window.. over and over.. and really, no 13 year old boy looks attractive to anyone over 14.

I had to leave before I told the ungrateful bastard to suck it up… geez..some kids really think they have it tough these days dont they?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Sometimes we walk on the same path as we had walked it before. Sometimes we may skip on that path. Or run, okay, I dont run on my path.. but you can see where Im going, right?IMG_1576

There must be a point tho when your path connects with that certain someone at SOME point, right?

I guess Im still waiting for the crossover……

Im also still waiting for the local council to pave my path.. sometimes I could really use LESS bumps in my path. HA!

Oh, and for those in the know… I saw Black Ute boy today, and he had a shirt on.. first time I have really seen him with a shirt on.. I didnt recognize him.. how funny is that.. to NOT notice someone cuz they were fully clothed… gawd I love summer for that particular reason.. men wandering everywhere, half naked.

Path.. thats right.. Path. I dont know where this post is going.. or where its been.. its been an interesting year, full of ups an downs, and some smooth sailing as well. Someone asked me the other day if I made any resolutions for new years… told them simply, “No, I have commitment issues.”  I of course that it was joke of the day and found it very funny… I somehow dont think they did. Oh well. At least I made myself laugh.

So, whatever Path you may be on.. make sure when yours comes near mine, or when we are travelling near each others path on the curve.. give a yell hello.. be friendly. We all need a bit more love & happiness in the world.

May your path tomorrow be free of clutter, full of life, and satisfying!

Monday, January 11, 2010



First day back at work and survived… wasnt as bad as I thought it could be.. whew!

In being fair, I had enough to do to keep myself busy, and felt very productive. Then again, nothing better than digging yourself straight into work and looking above the piles of paperwork every now and then.. right?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to the Grind

So, its off to work again. Tomorrow is my first day back at work after the holidays. I had a pretty good holiday, can always be better, but I really REALLY relaxed. I did nothing productive on my holidays. And, as a dear friend said to me about it.... its about time.. Im always busy, and dont really take the time to relax and do nothing.

Are friends not the best? They always seem to tell you just what you want to hear.

And tomorrow.. well, tomorrow I have to look interested at what my co-workers have done for the last few weeks, listen to the the stories of the holidays, hear how drunk they got (impressive I know) and all while I just want to keep the coffee coming while I plow my way thru weeks of work to catch up.

My goal tomorrow is to bust my ass to get at least 1 weeks work done.. in a day. Possible? Ack.. find out I guess. The thing is, while Im catching up on work, current work is still going on.. so I am imagining a Capt & Diet for tomorrow with a takeaway dinner.. yep, thats sounded like a great idea.

My lunchbox is packed for work: Cantaloupe, Grapes, Tuna Sandwhich, and Chickpeas & Garlic, and my coffee cup is washed & ready for tomorrow.

I just wish mentally I was ready for tomorrow. I am so envious of my cat right now... for I know she will be doing her daily routine without me bothering her... and she will napping... without me... and she will be waiting for me when I get home tomorrow. Still, Im envious she gets to go back to bed after the morning routine.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Parade Prep

Yesterday the girls who are involved in getting a float ready for the Australia Day parade all got together and continued work for our big day.

We are making a dog float… to go with our 4Paws theme…

I didnt get many photos.. but heres a few:


so much cutting to do!



lollie bags to be filled!


And.. Harry was nice enough to be our model for how the dogs will be dressed.. as for the humans… well, we were much too busy to get a photo!  The dog ears & dog nose for the float are done.. the stencil magnets are done… whew! Big day of accomplishments!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Take your chair please….

So, we all go thru life differently. Some of us learn things along the way. Others, well, others just believe that they are the lesson to you.  Sometimes they are, sometimes they arent. Regardless, there are people who believe they have nothing to learn from others.

Some people you meet in life think they have been so hard done by. Excuse me honey, but when you reach the age of 18… you are an adult. In most countries anyway. And Im sorry, but if you cant figure out how to wipe your own ass in a clean fashion, not my problem. You should have been more observant in life.

Fact is, no matter what you are, who you are… demographics, social standards, culture… facts are facts. At some point in life you need to stand up and take accountability and responsibility for yourself.

Do you hear me properly? YOURSELF.

Get off your woe is me crap and grow some nuts… or tits.. whatever which way you roll.

My life was not perfect. I am not going to claim it was. My childhood was probably unconventional by some standards. My young adult years were met with some stupid choices. And my choices after high school… well, not exactly choices to win gold with.

Regardless, I wouldnt trade it. Its what makes me ME. My life/childhood/adult years/decisions/mistakes whatever classification you want to give it.. its all made me ME. Each action has a reaction. I choose to learn from my life. Granted, some lessons I could have learned more quickly. And some lessons were self inflicted. But still, I choose to learn. And thats my choice.

Some people dont want the choice. They want to wallow in misery of oh I was so hard done by.

AS COMPARED TO WHO? The pope? Jesus? Mr. President? Brad Pitt?

For goodness sakes, the pope is seen in the same clothes everyday he is photographed. Jesus… well, I will give the man stamina points for his walking with heavy objects.. but dang, the man had many obstacles to overcome. And no, I dont think your path was as bad as the one Jesus had to endure.

And really, no one wants the Presidents job. Its just too much work and you cant make that many people happy in a year… so your already at a disadvantage.

Brad Pitt you aint. If you want to wake up next those scary lips and eyes of that thing he’s living with.. go for it… but really, Brad Pitt looks miserable in life lately. And fair enough.. at one time he was a hot sex symbol, now… hes living in France or some place where women dont shave their pits.. thats enough to make any man look grumpy.

Get over yourself. You aint that special. What do you bring to the table to offer? ANYTHING? Anything? A N Y T H I N G ?

Thought not. Thanks tho, but we dont accept your kind here. Please, take your chair… and go live your life amongst those who choose to be like you.


I will to continue to live my life like those who choose to learn from life. Who vividly embrace the goods and bads of life. The judgements of others, the self reflections, the looking inside, those who can grasp who they are, and those who are real.

My dear, I think your chair is a bit too shallow for this one. And WE DO Not, I repeat, DO not , hear me? DO NOT DO SHALLOW.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Lunch with friends

My best friend and I never get to catch up during the daytime hours… she has a few days off during the week, and works weekends.  I work the exact opposite. In the many years of our friendship, never NEVER have we been able to coincide schedules and the random day off we have together to be able to do something.

But… today we did!  Plans to do something in particular went out the window, and so, we went on a whim and drove to a beautiful area and had lunch. It was such a gorgeous time… it started to rain a bit, but even with the rain, the scenery was amazing. We ended up at an Irish Pub for lunch… yummy! It was great hanging out for the afternoon, chatting, eating, drinking, laughing…