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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Securing his future

So, Prince William is here in Australia.. or he might be gone, I dont really know, as I couldnt care. But, I know he was here.. he stopped in Sydney, Melbourne, and I know he went to the areas affected by the devastating fires which killed many, and tormented the people of the affected areas. Remember the Black Saturday fires? Well, he went there on his trip to Oz.

I think its great he went to that region. Apparently, he was well received and everyone seems to think he is a  ‘nice young man’.  They appreciated him coming to there towns (according to media).

Other media states that everyone seems to be giddy with his appearances in Oz, that he is well liked, and very people friendly.

Great. Hooray. All that jazz.

As if hes going to walk in and be #1 prick… seriously. Australia is still under the monarchy. Granted, not in the same regard that it use to be ages ago, but it is still under the reign of the Queen. And, as the Queen isnt getting any younger, someday, Mr Prince will/might be the King. So, of course hes going to be showing all the nice behaviours.. hes securing his future.  If he showed up being an ass, do think he would get support? No. What if he snubs his nose at the country? No, support nilch. Come on… He is making sure that we all get baffled by him and want to support his lavish lifestyle and so forth for decades to come.

Ah, just my opinion.. but thats what I think.


Anonymous said...

while I agree with much of what you've said, funny thing is, that I doubt England could really give a toss whether we became a republic or not.I think as Australians, we seem to think we are much more important in the grand scheme of things than we really are.And I think Australians are forgetting, William is only second in line to the throne -if I'm not mistaken, wouldn't we have to endure Charles first?And no matter how well William is liked, surely it's not worth putting up with that!!

Daisy said...

Thank you so much for the comment the other day!! I didn't see it until after we had left noosa! You were such a sweetheart to be willing to come down and keep us company in what was a very difficult situation for us. Thank you!! xoxo

And yay!! I'm glad I've found a new blog to read. :) It's always nice to meet new bloggy friends.