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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Take your chair please….

So, we all go thru life differently. Some of us learn things along the way. Others, well, others just believe that they are the lesson to you.  Sometimes they are, sometimes they arent. Regardless, there are people who believe they have nothing to learn from others.

Some people you meet in life think they have been so hard done by. Excuse me honey, but when you reach the age of 18… you are an adult. In most countries anyway. And Im sorry, but if you cant figure out how to wipe your own ass in a clean fashion, not my problem. You should have been more observant in life.

Fact is, no matter what you are, who you are… demographics, social standards, culture… facts are facts. At some point in life you need to stand up and take accountability and responsibility for yourself.

Do you hear me properly? YOURSELF.

Get off your woe is me crap and grow some nuts… or tits.. whatever which way you roll.

My life was not perfect. I am not going to claim it was. My childhood was probably unconventional by some standards. My young adult years were met with some stupid choices. And my choices after high school… well, not exactly choices to win gold with.

Regardless, I wouldnt trade it. Its what makes me ME. My life/childhood/adult years/decisions/mistakes whatever classification you want to give it.. its all made me ME. Each action has a reaction. I choose to learn from my life. Granted, some lessons I could have learned more quickly. And some lessons were self inflicted. But still, I choose to learn. And thats my choice.

Some people dont want the choice. They want to wallow in misery of oh I was so hard done by.

AS COMPARED TO WHO? The pope? Jesus? Mr. President? Brad Pitt?

For goodness sakes, the pope is seen in the same clothes everyday he is photographed. Jesus… well, I will give the man stamina points for his walking with heavy objects.. but dang, the man had many obstacles to overcome. And no, I dont think your path was as bad as the one Jesus had to endure.

And really, no one wants the Presidents job. Its just too much work and you cant make that many people happy in a year… so your already at a disadvantage.

Brad Pitt you aint. If you want to wake up next those scary lips and eyes of that thing he’s living with.. go for it… but really, Brad Pitt looks miserable in life lately. And fair enough.. at one time he was a hot sex symbol, now… hes living in France or some place where women dont shave their pits.. thats enough to make any man look grumpy.

Get over yourself. You aint that special. What do you bring to the table to offer? ANYTHING? Anything? A N Y T H I N G ?

Thought not. Thanks tho, but we dont accept your kind here. Please, take your chair… and go live your life amongst those who choose to be like you.


I will to continue to live my life like those who choose to learn from life. Who vividly embrace the goods and bads of life. The judgements of others, the self reflections, the looking inside, those who can grasp who they are, and those who are real.

My dear, I think your chair is a bit too shallow for this one. And WE DO Not, I repeat, DO not , hear me? DO NOT DO SHALLOW.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well!While I have no idea what has prompted this particular blog, I completely agree with you. I have met SO many people with chips on their shoulders and a "the world owes me" attitude, that I know EXACTLY what you are speaking of.
On the other hand, people VERY close to me have had extraordinarily difficult childhoods, and have had wonderful lives, have wonderful loving partners, and immensely fulfilling careers.
I'm sick of the "woe is me"set too!
I think we should banish such people from our lives -let's face it, there's no point in trying to help them -only they can do that.And I seriously doubt they will-misery is their best friend.
Hear, hear-I'm over it too!