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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Please stop

To put things in perspective here, at work we have separate toilets for the men and separate toilets for the women.  Here is the thing: there are 2 women in the office… and thats including me.


For some reason.. .the OTHER woman keeps walking in on me when Im in the bathroom. Serious.  Not like I have much to hide, but let a girl piss in private for goodness sakes. You can see the light from the bathroom under the door shining thru.. so its obvious Im in there… and I HAVE NEVER NEVER NEVER walked in on her… so Im thinking its not that hard to not walk in the bathroom while its occupied. Guess Im wrong.

She does this heaps. And, when Im saying “hello… occupied… excuse me….’ until she gets the hint and closes the door (or that fact that my hair is big enough she should be able to see it above the little wall space when she whips the door open) but no.. it takes a bit to sink in.. and then she giggles….

I dont think its funny bitch.

Plain dont.


GooChick said...

The more I know people, the more I realize how totally oblivious they are. No awareness of what is around them. But, seriously, if you accidentally walked in on someone once, wouldn't you make the effort not to do it again? ARGH!

Daisy said...

I know I shouldn't laugh - but I think it was the "I dont think its funny bitch" that did me in - or it could be jetlag topped with it being the middle of the night for me at the moment - but serioulsy -HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - what a ho-bag she is!!!

If I weren't so tired I'd suggest a plan for retaliation. But I'm sure you are more than capable of coming up with something PERFECT!!

Keep us updated!!!


Anonymous said...

i swear she lives off with the fairies...what a numb brain!