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Friday, January 01, 2010

Lunch with friends

My best friend and I never get to catch up during the daytime hours… she has a few days off during the week, and works weekends.  I work the exact opposite. In the many years of our friendship, never NEVER have we been able to coincide schedules and the random day off we have together to be able to do something.

But… today we did!  Plans to do something in particular went out the window, and so, we went on a whim and drove to a beautiful area and had lunch. It was such a gorgeous time… it started to rain a bit, but even with the rain, the scenery was amazing. We ended up at an Irish Pub for lunch… yummy! It was great hanging out for the afternoon, chatting, eating, drinking, laughing…







Anonymous said...

spontaneity can be a beautiful thing! had a ball -so fun to laugh, relax and chat with you and Tilda.And the abandoned zoo tickets did not go to waste -some delighted children had a wonderful day out.
here's to 2010 being another great year of friendship.
oh yeah, and my wallet smells of butts! cigarette, that is.haha

Anonymous said...

Wonderful day, beautiful people, great scenery, what more could ya ask for! True friends are such a rare thing. You are soooo fortunate to have beautiful people in your life. And We're all fortunate to have YOU IN OURS!!! signed..Lucky lady:-)