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Thursday, January 14, 2010

ack.. thank goodness Im not a teenager anymore

I went to the pool today.

It was moderately busy, but soon dwindled to just a few of us.

Then, it ended up me with 3 of us. Me….doing laps (trying to get my knees better and apparently laps are good for it.. kills, but trying to work thru it!) and 2 teenagers (boy & girl).

It soon becomes obvious that the 2 kids in the pool havent met before today. While swimming I can hear bits of the conversation, which seems to be pretty boring.

However, I had to leave after hearing this:

Boy to girl: “I dont like coming up here (sidenote: i think he visits his dad who lives in my complex on holidays) because I always have to share with my little brother.”

“when I play the Playstation 3, he wants to play it. When I play the Playstation 2, he wants to play it. When I play on the Wii, he wants to play it. Even when I go to the computer, he wants to be on the computer.”


Listen to your options you spoiled little whining child… you have 4 entertainment options which apparently dont satisfy you.. you cant socialize with your little brother? Ack.. disgusting.

Whats worse, is I think this is the kid who continues to undress in front of my neighbor thru the window.. over and over.. and really, no 13 year old boy looks attractive to anyone over 14.

I had to leave before I told the ungrateful bastard to suck it up… geez..some kids really think they have it tough these days dont they?


GooChick said...

Remember when we were growing up? We had three TV channels and I don't think we got a color TV until I was in high school (and, we had to actually GET UP to turn the channel at that!). Game systems weren't invented yet, nor were computers. I didn't have a microwave until I was married. And there certainly wasn't Call-ID so we had to pick up the phone every single time it rang! There was no cable and VCR's just hit the market but were priced at $1,000. You know what we did? We played outside. We socialized. We were active. Boy, have times changed!

InALittleMinute said...

GooChick.. I know.. I suddenly realized I was from a different generation. I remember when MTV first aired.. and our first VCR (second hand mind you) we also had a tv which was the size of a mini fridge and turn knobs.. no sleep function, no pic in pic..

Ah.. times are tuff for these young ones arent they? Ha.

Its nice to know I played outside as a kid.. my imagination became so vivid creating things, doing chores gave me an idea of responsiblity.. etc. Thank goodness for my good parent and friends who guided me in my youth!