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Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Sometimes we walk on the same path as we had walked it before. Sometimes we may skip on that path. Or run, okay, I dont run on my path.. but you can see where Im going, right?IMG_1576

There must be a point tho when your path connects with that certain someone at SOME point, right?

I guess Im still waiting for the crossover……

Im also still waiting for the local council to pave my path.. sometimes I could really use LESS bumps in my path. HA!

Oh, and for those in the know… I saw Black Ute boy today, and he had a shirt on.. first time I have really seen him with a shirt on.. I didnt recognize him.. how funny is that.. to NOT notice someone cuz they were fully clothed… gawd I love summer for that particular reason.. men wandering everywhere, half naked.

Path.. thats right.. Path. I dont know where this post is going.. or where its been.. its been an interesting year, full of ups an downs, and some smooth sailing as well. Someone asked me the other day if I made any resolutions for new years… told them simply, “No, I have commitment issues.”  I of course that it was joke of the day and found it very funny… I somehow dont think they did. Oh well. At least I made myself laugh.

So, whatever Path you may be on.. make sure when yours comes near mine, or when we are travelling near each others path on the curve.. give a yell hello.. be friendly. We all need a bit more love & happiness in the world.

May your path tomorrow be free of clutter, full of life, and satisfying!


Anonymous said...

HI, my name is Visa and i'm getting ready to cross your path soon so hope you're ready for the celebration when we meet!

Beth said...

what a beautiful photo...and paths are lovely things....sometimes. My path has taken so many different twists and turns lately....I hope your path is a smooth one.

InALittleMinute said...

Anon; your funny! cant wait for that to happen.. except Im hoping he calls himself Permanent Residency not visa..

Beth; thanks. the photo is taken just from my house at the cliffs and it leads to the path to the beach.. i love it!