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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stone Fisherman.. looks so inviting.


Ever have those days when you just want to sit and be in your space?

Thats the day Im having.. but the space I want to be in is a spot back home in the not possible today, right? I want to lie in the grass amongst the trees and not worry about snakes and bullants and sandflies.. all that creepy itchy stuff. I want to be at one with the earth today… and I cant. I couldnt back home either.. its cold, snow filled ground wouldnt allow me to anyway.

Things are fine… I guess there is just so much in my head and I just want to be at one with it, and dump it… let my head breath again. I feel as if my head is about to explode with everything in it. It seems as the thoughts, pressures, ideas, everything is no longer tucked in its place into the crevices.. everything is pushing against each other and just wild in my head.

I need an escape from myself. And right now, the stone fisherman seems like a perfect escape.

So, Im off to officeworks for printer ink & paper & speakers. My speakers at work for my computer have shit themselves.. and I am really feeling the need to have music in the background at work.. its been killing me listening to the dead silence of nothing.

Then, to the beach for brekky, and then off to my world again. Unless I stumble upon that little spot to let my mind free. But somehow, I think the stone fisherman might be hiding today.

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