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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Citrus? No.. Citrus. NO …CITRUS

Oh my goodness!

Pineapple Slices

I can not get enough of pineapple lately. And,where I live, is THE place for pineapples! I keep buying these gorgeous smelling, delish looking, and cheap pineapples! Im eating a whole pineapple a day.

Citrus? That shit is burning in my mouth. I had some more pineapple today, and I really should give a few days break, but its just too good. But, I think Im getting a citrus sore (is there such a thing.. must be.. but whats it real name.. aside from Damn THAT hurts!). Anyway, I digress, the ‘citrus sore’ on my right side of my mouth, now seems to have one on the left side..and just for good sympathy measure, i think this mornings breakfast of pineapple has somehow managed to create a possible sore on my tongue.

Damn citrus…. but its just so good! And, what do you think it means when your CRAVING pineapple? And no, NO NO NO, Im not pregnant.. Jesus has not come to save you all today… cuz that my lovelies would be the only way this shit is pregnant! So, go settle, and eat some pineapple!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I will be watching

Will you? I have tickets… Im not really a MJ fan, but I will admit, he is one talented artist.


So, what does a music lover do? They get tickets and watch the magic. Apparently in the 12 minute preview they showed to the media, its amazing… so if nothing else I know that 12 minutes of my day will be good. Oh, and theres the popcorn too. Nah, just kidding. I am looking forward to seeing this masterpiece of music media!

Anybody else going to see it?

Who wins the title: Scariest?

If it were up to me, Octomom certainly wins the scariest looking thing in this photo below..


Oh wait, they tell me shes not dressed in costume. Huh… and here I was thinking she was early for Halloween all this time with that head that looks like a Frieghtliner just went spasctic on the road, straight towards that head, and tried to do some magick! 

Really? Shes not in costume? Cuz shes is one scary mo’fo!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Just over $800 bucks raised!


Notice the dog with the rat… she tells me that he watches over the rats (her pets as well). At the moment she has over 20 rats, and the dog looks after them as they were his own. The rat actually sat on the back of the dog and the two looked happy as anything!DSCF1842


There was a Pet Expo this weekend, and the non-profit organization I volunteer with was having a stall there.  We were to raise donations for much needed causes! We raised just over $800 dollars thru raffles, sales of dog biscuits & cookbooks, Polo shirts, pencil sharpeners, pens.. it all kept us busy! I was on the morning crew, along with my trusty mother, who was busy as running the show when needed. She can do a great upsell on things! It was wonderful being able to spend time with mom and yet being able to raise money for de-sexing, re-homing, and providing care for dogs & cats!

Hooray to everyone involved! and the Bondi Vet… never made it his way, but I hear he was gorgeous and tall! Very tall!  And to the beautiful people who helped us on the day with purchases and donations, or dropping off their names & numbers so they could help in all sorts of ways: YOU PEOPLE ARE SUPERSTARS! Kudos to you :)

And to my fellow volunteers, thank you thank you thank you for the wonderful job you did! I was proud to be a volunteer for 4 Paws Animal Rescue along side of the others.

Ack… the torture

They sell this in Texas, apparently. And, probably everywhere else in the states. So.. why did I have to move from a country where this is available? Oh my goodness the torture! I love LOVE LOVE Dr.Pepper. AND I  love LOVE LOVE beef jerky. 


And finally, the two have finally mated! My mouth is watering just imagining what it must taste like!

Old Buddy

We had a fantastic day yesterday at the Pet Expo! I will write more about it tonight, and include  some photos as well.

We went for lunch afterwards, and stopped in at our normal lunch place. However, today we ate outside in the back area (when I rush here during the week, its usually take-away).  Sometimes, the back area can be very busy on the weekends and our little friend doesnt show his face. BUT what a fantastic surprise to see him out in full view for us to admire today! He is getting quite big!  



And isnt he just gorgeous!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Celebrity Sighting

I will be meeting this man on sunday, at an event I am volunteering at…. I know he has a tv show called Bondi Vet ( Bondi is a famous beach in Sydney)… and all the girls think he is a hottie.


Me? I dont even know his name… which I will have to google before Sunday, because all those I dont think this photo seems to be ooh la la material, and its not really my type.. I still dont want to offend him by not knowing his name when he comes up to me and offers me a gigantic hug and tells me how gorgeous I am… right?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dont change your channel~

I am still here….


Dont give up on me… Its just been emotionally exhausting as of lately.. lots going on, and I will return.. just after I take a few naps to make my head feel better and recover.

Ya know the saying about saggy boobs to the knee caps? Well, I dont have the saggy boobs, but I think the bags under my eyes probably drag pretty damn close to my knee caps. I  AM  SO EXHAUSTED AND TIRED. So, looking forward to the weekend to catch up on my zzzzzz’s and feel alive again.

Hope your well!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tsk Tsk Tsk Karl Lagerfeld




Apparently the old bag of bones above who has lived the good life so far from reality has stated that ‘no one wants to see curvy women on the catwalk’.

Really? I would rather see curves than bones and half dead children parading around in gowns which the model had to starve herself for xxx amount of time to fit in. Give me curves on the catwalk. Any day. Curves are sexy.. curves are womanly… curves show off a body.

Stick rake? nothing. Boned shoulder blades? nothing. Legs the size of celery stalks? nothing.

But hey, what do I know.. I just BUY clothes.. unlike the man above who MAKES/DESIGNS the clothes.  Somehow, I think BUYER outbids Designer. Cuz if Designer produces shit clothes, BUYER buys elsewhere.

Well, guess what old bag Karl.. when DESIGNER spittles SHIT FROM HIS MOUTH… BUYER supports ANYONE BUT YOU in the future!

Tsk Tsk Tsk. Guess it just goes to prove you can have money, clothes, chefs, mansions.. but you still need class to NOT SOUND LIKE AN ASS!

Thursday, October 08, 2009


I have tried, unsuccessfully, to change the damn channel. Not for long, but just for a little bit. So my head can switch off from my life for a little while. Problem? The damn remote to life seems to be broken. No matter what channel I switch to, there is always this fuzziness of the channels in the background.


I just want to switch modes for a bit. I have tried to conquer the fuzziness with alcohol (I know, not the best option.. leave it) I have tried distractions, but at the end of it, these issues are always clinging in the background.  I just want my head to stop thinking. It hurts so bad. I feel like I have a piece of granite the size of a mountain on my shoulders.

Can someone please tell me where the channel change button is that will work? I just want to slip away… for a few more days… until all this passes over. Then we can go back to regular scheduled broadcasting. OK?

Friday, October 02, 2009

Im in dire need of strength

My gut hurts. My head hurts. My stomach feels as if there is a hole on the side of it.

Actually, Physically, I am okay. But, my body is reacting to news that I have been given in the last few days  in a not so well way. And, to top it off, that which I thought would never happen, seems to be already in the works.

I am on a timeline: I needed everything to be okay until Jan/Feb 2010 and then hooray, things would have been fine. I just needed the next few months to breeze by.

It seems there is a bump in my road. GO AWAY Bump!


A date of October 15th has been said to me. Which is way WAY before my timeline that I needed… ack. ugh. F**K. F**K.

I know this probably wont make sense to most of you, but whatever strengths, connections to the upper management of life, the universe, whatever/whoever it is.. please please PLEASE make this ALLL go away until a much later date. Please do not let the events which could alter my life happen with this 15 October deadline.

I Just Do Not Know If I Can Take It.