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Monday, October 26, 2009

Just over $800 bucks raised!


Notice the dog with the rat… she tells me that he watches over the rats (her pets as well). At the moment she has over 20 rats, and the dog looks after them as they were his own. The rat actually sat on the back of the dog and the two looked happy as anything!DSCF1842


There was a Pet Expo this weekend, and the non-profit organization I volunteer with was having a stall there.  We were to raise donations for much needed causes! We raised just over $800 dollars thru raffles, sales of dog biscuits & cookbooks, Polo shirts, pencil sharpeners, pens.. it all kept us busy! I was on the morning crew, along with my trusty mother, who was busy as running the show when needed. She can do a great upsell on things! It was wonderful being able to spend time with mom and yet being able to raise money for de-sexing, re-homing, and providing care for dogs & cats!

Hooray to everyone involved! and the Bondi Vet… never made it his way, but I hear he was gorgeous and tall! Very tall!  And to the beautiful people who helped us on the day with purchases and donations, or dropping off their names & numbers so they could help in all sorts of ways: YOU PEOPLE ARE SUPERSTARS! Kudos to you :)

And to my fellow volunteers, thank you thank you thank you for the wonderful job you did! I was proud to be a volunteer for 4 Paws Animal Rescue along side of the others.

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