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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Citrus? No.. Citrus. NO …CITRUS

Oh my goodness!

Pineapple Slices

I can not get enough of pineapple lately. And,where I live, is THE place for pineapples! I keep buying these gorgeous smelling, delish looking, and cheap pineapples! Im eating a whole pineapple a day.

Citrus? That shit is burning in my mouth. I had some more pineapple today, and I really should give a few days break, but its just too good. But, I think Im getting a citrus sore (is there such a thing.. must be.. but whats it real name.. aside from Damn THAT hurts!). Anyway, I digress, the ‘citrus sore’ on my right side of my mouth, now seems to have one on the left side..and just for good sympathy measure, i think this mornings breakfast of pineapple has somehow managed to create a possible sore on my tongue.

Damn citrus…. but its just so good! And, what do you think it means when your CRAVING pineapple? And no, NO NO NO, Im not pregnant.. Jesus has not come to save you all today… cuz that my lovelies would be the only way this shit is pregnant! So, go settle, and eat some pineapple!

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Anonymous said...

pineapple and banana smoothies!!! yum... it would help take the sting out of the citrus!.I know where you can get bananas too! Have missed reading your blog since i've been working. Love all the posts of the past weeks. You've been busy lady! lots of love sent your way