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I am a girl/woman/human who has random thoughts. Sometimes you can find me here rambling, other times i might have useful stuff to say. For the most part, my friends and family can see what I might be up to in the days events. Or, for sake of sakes, its all made up... only i know.. and MAYBE a select few of you! Either way~ I am an American living in Australia. Oh, and any photo you see on this blog IS NOT FOR YOUR USE. If I have taken the photo myself or have permission to use it, YOU CAN NOT USE IT FOR YOURSELF. So be warned... and just dont use my damn photos.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dont change your channel~

I am still here….


Dont give up on me… Its just been emotionally exhausting as of lately.. lots going on, and I will return.. just after I take a few naps to make my head feel better and recover.

Ya know the saying about saggy boobs to the knee caps? Well, I dont have the saggy boobs, but I think the bags under my eyes probably drag pretty damn close to my knee caps. I  AM  SO EXHAUSTED AND TIRED. So, looking forward to the weekend to catch up on my zzzzzz’s and feel alive again.

Hope your well!

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Anonymous said...

come back soon, i miss you