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Monday, October 26, 2009

Old Buddy

We had a fantastic day yesterday at the Pet Expo! I will write more about it tonight, and include  some photos as well.

We went for lunch afterwards, and stopped in at our normal lunch place. However, today we ate outside in the back area (when I rush here during the week, its usually take-away).  Sometimes, the back area can be very busy on the weekends and our little friend doesnt show his face. BUT what a fantastic surprise to see him out in full view for us to admire today! He is getting quite big!  



And isnt he just gorgeous!


GooChick said...

Hey, that's a Bearded Dragon! My son has owned a few over the years. So weird to see them in the wild.

InALittleMinute said...

Years ago, my friend had one which he named Elvis. They seem to make cool pets, although I have never had one, I have always secretly wanted one, but I dont think the cat would play friendly!

Anonymous said...

they're gorgeous, and everywhere up here. they can give a very nasty bite if provoked though -someone I know who worked in a nursery surprised one, and got bitten. Because they eat everything from rotting animal flesh to dog turds, the bite quickly went septic.Took months of antibiotics to heal it.But fortunately that's pretty rare - they're usually quite placid.