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Monday, August 30, 2010

Always ALWAYS Double Check!

A local restaurant in my town has just opened its doors.  Its very very new. And, I'm not quite sure how well it will do for business. They are hiring for a new chef.... here is a snippet of their advertisement:

(please note that they are a Japanese / Australian Cuisine restaurant)

             To be successful for this role you must have;
             A minimum of 2 - 3 years experience at Sous Chef level
            Creative flair and a passion for food.
            Excellent communication skill (necessary to peak Japanese or Korean)
             Relevant trade qualifications.
             Proven experience in Japanese cuisine (sushi and hot food), desert as well
             Ability to excel under pressure
Did you pick up on any mistakes?
Here is what I found:
communication skills are required so that you may PEAK Japanese or Korean... yeah, I never thought to write something like that on my resume... stooopid ol me.. I can SPEAK another language.. but damn it if i didnt pass PEAK.  Im sorry, but thats too funny of any error in the communication skills required.  

And, did you catch that another requirement for this position is that you must have proven experience in  "a region so arid because of little rainfall that it supports only sparse and widely spaced vegetation or no vegetation at all"... I mean that is the desert afterall.. so if you have great wildlife skills and can survive on nothing at all.. please apply!
Oh, I think Im about to pee my pants with laughter.  
If you dont believe this is a real add.. check out this link: 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Dating duh’s

So Guysmiley (not his real name) sends me a kiss on the internet dating deal… he has included the message that he thought he would be brave and say hello.

Guysmiley appears to be nice enough on his profile. No attraction, but could be nice to have a chat with. Maybe. Just not that into him. And thats okay. Theres heaps on the damn site that Im not ‘in to’ and I shouldnt feel bad about that. Right?

What does give me some weird feelings is this: Guysmiley is 47.. yep thats right 4-7 or FORTY SEVEN or FOUR times TEN and add SEVEN.

Im only 35. Now, you may not think thats a huge add difference of 12 years, people date someone who is 12 years older or younger. But wait… theres more.

HIS KID IS 27 years old. Which means Im closer to his kids age than his age. Ewwww. Ick. And one of my good friends is only 2 years older than his kid.  EEEEWWWWW. ick….. too much for me!

And while i would probably get on with his kid.. im not sure that at my age I really want a man who has a sex drive of a grape. Not that I know from experience, but from all the data… I certainly dont want to know either. Not yet anyway.

So, I politely declined his advances.  Good luck Guysmiley.  Word of Advice:  Go for someone SOMEWHAT near your age….. please.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Little Chatterbox ?

I checked my emails just before, and was told that I had received a notification from that internet dating site that someone has contacted me.  So, I venture to see who the latest man is... wondering if hes ANYWHERE near my age group (I seem to have the random 50+ guys who want to 'see if Im interested'... seriously, even 1 man at that age for me creeps me out).

And.. the guy is not near me, outside of my distance that Im willing to go, and Im not really all that interested in his profile anyway. Starters? Starters is this: dont send me a bloody 'like to get to know you' shit and then not include your password to your photo.  IF by some chance you sent the notification before realizing you included a password, send it again.. immediately. Why? Well, cuz otherwise you just come across as a creepy guy who just wants to perve on us woman. A Faceless Perve.

Anyway, back to situation at hand: this guy selects that his occupation is sales & MARKETING... yippee... love marketing.. and if your in marketing.. you can sell YOURSELF better than anything.

So this is what his profile reads:

I am not rich not smart not even best looking
However I am loyal, reliable and available. 

Thats IT! Seriously.. thats all he has written.. and there is a maximum limit of something like 1500 words.. and he has 2 sentences.. ?????

So, as  far as I can gather, hes not into Sales or Marketing... and a loser. Okay, well, not for me. And I can find all those men on my own... without help, thanks.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One of those thangs


I was to have a written exam tonight for a possible job which I was shortlisted for.  I had my option of either last night or tonight, and due to other commitments, I decided tonight would be better.  So, I send off the email with the times I am available tonight for this exam. And wait.

goldfinch bird

I have just checked my emails and have received an email from the prospective company.  They have decided to change the position and have the person live in the capital city nearest me. Which is, about 2 hours away. Doesnt sound bad you say? Well, aside from not WANTING  to move, and all the expenses which can be incurred in a move, it just wasnt viable for me to consider I guess.

Damn it. Oh well. It was nice to know that I got shortlisted for the company anyway.

Monday, August 16, 2010

At the moment my cousin is in Germany doing his hockey thing, playing against some elite hockey players of Austria & Germany... what an amazing experience for him, and to be honest, I am such a proud cousin right now. I feel as (what I would imagine anyway) when you child reaches the monumentus occasion of all the things - that proud and elated feeling of wonderment for him! Love ya cuz.. kick some ass!

Things are well, for the most part.  They should be anyway.  So why then do I feel so melancholy tonight?

I have been shortlisted for a  job I applied for. Lets hope its more money. But if its not more money, would I still take it? Could it be less stressful? And, if it is, would it be worth less money to actually enjoy a job and have less stress in my life? Can I afford less money? What if its more money?????

I have finally met the guy who I have been chatting to for a month. Everything there seems to be very good. He seems to have decent outlook on life, seems to hold a converation well, and can speak about educated topics as well. Plus side? Hes gorgeous. He has amazing eyes. Although its a bit freakish to admit, but I could just get lost in his eyes. There seems to be a connection there, but only time will really tell I guess.

My home... I keep trying to dip into those projects.. you know.. the box that needs to be sorted, the junk drawer that somehow keeps getting filled with junk AGAIN, designing some sort of better work space for my computer area.. blah blah blah.. then I still have all the other shit.. floors, laundry, dishes.. how the heck can 1 person make this place so untidy sometimes? Sometimes I can almost convince myself that the cat is busy creating the chaos when Im working. Work. ugh. oh, sorry... I had everything all fantastic the other day.. it all looked wonderful, then I realize that after I did MORE stuff.. it wasnt as kept & tidy as just a few hours before. The lesson here, is only do a bit.. I dont need to conquer the entire list for the day. Right?

Its cold outside. Yet, last night it was lovely. Tonight, its a bit chilly. My knees are starting to need another treatment again. This cold weather isnt helping. Damnit, Im from Minnesota... I can and SHOULD be able to hand THIS cold weather. Am I feeling some sort of loss there? Like I have lost some of my Minn-e-soo-tah ways? Surely that cant right, can it? How can I lose what is me? Or can I?

I dont know, I feel as if Im babbling. And Im not making sense. Life is good. It really is.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nothing Compares 2 U

Do you remember the song 'Nothing Compares 2 U' ? It was written by Prince (or well, he use to call himself Prince at THAT time.. but Sinead O'Connor sang it. I use to belt my lungs out to it, thinking of one boy in particular. Obviously, that didnt work out for me.. did it?

Anyway, there was all this talk that Ms. O'Connor was a lesbian.  Than she wasnt, then she was.. you get the jizz of it.. yeah?  Well, apparently.... shes not (anymore) cuz Nothing Compares 2 U... as above... Yikes, shes really changed! Totally different from that skinny shaved headed girl seen here:

 I never, I mean NEVER in my life would have imagined the picture of "nothing compares 2 U"... to be with him. Just didnt think it. But then again, Love Comes In All Forms.