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Friday, August 20, 2010

Little Chatterbox ?

I checked my emails just before, and was told that I had received a notification from that internet dating site that someone has contacted me.  So, I venture to see who the latest man is... wondering if hes ANYWHERE near my age group (I seem to have the random 50+ guys who want to 'see if Im interested'... seriously, even 1 man at that age for me creeps me out).

And.. the guy is not near me, outside of my distance that Im willing to go, and Im not really all that interested in his profile anyway. Starters? Starters is this: dont send me a bloody 'like to get to know you' shit and then not include your password to your photo.  IF by some chance you sent the notification before realizing you included a password, send it again.. immediately. Why? Well, cuz otherwise you just come across as a creepy guy who just wants to perve on us woman. A Faceless Perve.

Anyway, back to situation at hand: this guy selects that his occupation is sales & MARKETING... yippee... love marketing.. and if your in marketing.. you can sell YOURSELF better than anything.

So this is what his profile reads:

I am not rich not smart not even best looking
However I am loyal, reliable and available. 

Thats IT! Seriously.. thats all he has written.. and there is a maximum limit of something like 1500 words.. and he has 2 sentences.. ?????

So, as  far as I can gather, hes not into Sales or Marketing... and a loser. Okay, well, not for me. And I can find all those men on my own... without help, thanks.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a real winner...hahaha. Always amazing how some people sell themselves. Or TRY to sell themselves!

GooChick said...

"I am loyal, reliable and available"

Sounds like a sign outside a cage at the dog pound!

InALittleMinute said...

@GooChick... it does sound like that.. although I think I would probabaly have taken home the cute puppy, and not the guy!

Daisy said...

haha! I think it might be a test. :) I could see myself doing that - just to see who replies.