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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nothing Compares 2 U

Do you remember the song 'Nothing Compares 2 U' ? It was written by Prince (or well, he use to call himself Prince at THAT time.. but Sinead O'Connor sang it. I use to belt my lungs out to it, thinking of one boy in particular. Obviously, that didnt work out for me.. did it?

Anyway, there was all this talk that Ms. O'Connor was a lesbian.  Than she wasnt, then she was.. you get the jizz of it.. yeah?  Well, apparently.... shes not (anymore) cuz Nothing Compares 2 U... as above... Yikes, shes really changed! Totally different from that skinny shaved headed girl seen here:

 I never, I mean NEVER in my life would have imagined the picture of "nothing compares 2 U"... to be with him. Just didnt think it. But then again, Love Comes In All Forms.


GooChick said...

She's been a singer, priest and lesbian; spoken out against the Catholic church, suffers from mental illness, married three times and mother to four children by four different men. A talent, for sure, but whew, what a life!

I, too, was just as surprised as you when I saw that recent photo of her and her new husband. Who woulda thought?

JEZ said...

How ironic! I was just talking to someone about how different she looks now days. She is an ordained minister and I think she has a few children as well. Crazy. I saw her a couple of years ago at First Ave for her release of her Reggae album. She still has an amazing voice. Her first album The Lion and The Cobra got me through highschool. It's pure and angry and full of talented screaming! HAHA! She'll always be one of my faves for that reason alone.