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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just a quickie

We went to a going away party for a friend who is returning to Indonesia after spending 3 months here... they made a smorgasboard of Indonesian food... oh what a delight to the senses.. you could smell the food all the way down the block! And my tummy was full, but my taste buds were dancing all night!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Even on a rainy day

Even on a rainy day, there always seems to be a way to spread a little cheer.. even if its only faint...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A moment without rain

Hopefully you can tell the difference of the before & after photos~ the after photos are on top, and the ugly "before" photo is the last one :)

We finally had a moment without rain.. so I attacked my "garden" outside my villa. It was great that we had enough rain to make the pulling out of the ugly garden plants much easier, but there was still a bit of tugging to do.

Im pleased with the color against the villa, really brightens things up! So pleased in fact, that I went and did the neighbors across from me too (this way it matched and was all even). The neighbors dont care at all what I do to their bit, they usually wait for me to trim their section anyway, so hopefully when they return from their weekend, they are pleasantly surprised!

What do you think?

Monday, May 11, 2009

$20,000 virgin auction? What the?

According to The Age Newspaper here in Australia:

Posters appearing around Sydney are offering $20,000 for virgins to appear in a feature-length documentary. But the fine print reveals the would-be stars - a man and a woman - must be prepared to be filmed as they auction their virginity online. In return, they get the cash, 90 per cent of the winning bid and, one presumes, a good night out.

Outraged family groups have labelled the project prostitution. The man behind it, Melbourne filmmaker Justin Sisely, says he is merely exploring the idea of virginity as a commodity.

"One of the main points I want to make is that right now, young people give away their virginity. Imagine if it was suddenly worth something - people wouldn't throw it away," he said.

But he does concede the prostitution argument: "You can't deny that selling sex is prostitution. It is. That's what makes it controversial."

Indeed, controversy has been the star before a scene has been shot. Police were called to Melbourne's Monash University after complaints about posters and postcards on campus.

In Sydney, posters featuring the Virgin Mary with male genitalia drawn on her forehead have brought complaints.

Moufid Sukkar, who attends a Catholic church in Marrickville, contacted the film company, Thomas William Productions. "They told me to go tell someone who cares," he said. "I found it really offensive. There are three churches on that street."

A Sydney student, Ben Smith, 22, has applied for a role but may not proceed to audition.

He was less interested in the money than the exploration of attitudes to sex. "[The auction] really shouldn't be as confronting as it is and it's a sad reflection on society that it is such a touchy subject," he said.

He said he is waiting for the right woman to yield his virginity. He has had several relationships of more than a year but sex never became an issue. "Maybe it's because women are less pushy about it."

Mr Sisely, who is funding the film, said he had been contacted by about 100 people, most in their early 20s. The oldest was 26.

The two stars would be filmed visiting psychologists and taking a lie-detector test to ensure their purity but the deed would not be screened. "It's not a porno," Mr Sisely said.

All I have to say is this: Im not a virgin... and Im not sure that holding out for $20,000 to have someone bid on it would be worth it to me anyway... regardless if I get 90% of the bid... at least I can say, that although, sometimes not very GREAT choices... AT LEAST I got to pick who I was sleeping with. Your virginity is something you always remember, you always remember the name, the location... etc. I cant imagine for the rest of my life knowing that its filmed and ANYONE can access it.

Im sorry, but my virginity was not available for sale back then, but I still shudder at the thought of being paid, and having it publicly aware of "losing my virginity".

Strange to me.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers are fantastic~ they know when you need a hug or a bandaid. They know when your so happy the smile on your face is bigger than anything. Mothers know that somedays you just need a little Angel Food Cake to cheer you up. Somedays they know that all you require is a coffee & a chat.

And yet, Mothers get so much satisfaction out of little things. Mothers hold on to the moments watching their child wake up and wipe their eyes. Mothers love the smell of their own child. Mothers endulge in the joy of watching their "little one" become an adult.

My mother is amazing. I love her to bits, and I try everyday to let her know it. She is my best friend, and my mother.

On Mothers Day we are having lunch at the house and enjoying the day together. I hope each of you spend time with your Mother tomorrow, if you can. Cherish the moments together.. you dont need to spend all the money on an expensive gift, because in the end, your Mother just wants to be with you for the day. She loves you, just as much as you love her.

Or~ in my family....

I love you mom

I love you more

No, I love you more

I love you to eternity

I love you to eternity and then some....

But, in the end, its an endless love, cuz she's my mom. Happy Mothers Day Mom. I love you more

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Its nice to know what you dont have sometimes

So I was bored last night while waiting for my IPOD to sync. So, whats a girl to do? They check out the local singles on the internet dating site.. this way you can remind yourself that its better to not have, than have.. some days.

Imagine my delight when I see my ex on the internet dating site...again. I just stumbled upon him...

just to let you know.. you totally read the ad differently when you know the person.

For instance.. he says (not the truth, but just as an example)... "I lift 600 pounds of weights everyday" and now that you know him, you can interpret that to really state: "I would love to lift 10 pounds of weights everyday, but I wont, I cant, and Im lazy"


when he says "I like to do (insert topic) and I like to do (insert topic) and I especially like to (insert topic)" You can translate that too: "I think I would like to do things, but I cant be bothered, unless YOU come all the way here and do it for me, then maybe I would like to do that"


although, I did love the man who in his MAIN description wrote (only about 50 words written in his description so far) was that "this is to much effort and if you want to know more, send me an email"

Oh yeah.. its too much effort for you to describe YOURSELF briefly... so Im thinking he might not be all that great in a relationship??? Just a thought.

Ah... sometimes its good to remind yourself what YOU DONT HAVE :)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sitting at home

Im sitting at home. The family has gone out to eat.. at one of my fav restaurants. Im home with a killer earache.. in both ears.. feels horrible and just didnt want to chance it by being outside.. its raining, windy, and cold....not exactly ideal weather for a girl who has a double ear issue. yuck

it was my choice to not go... but still, I somehow wish I could be there, eating fantastic prawns and a nice juicy steak. and the company of course.

Alas, I know that eating ANYTHING other than soup kills my eardrums, and everyone sounds to me like their screaming at me (i dont think they really are...never know tho) and so putting myself around 4 other people in a restaurant with other tables, well, lets just say its prob best I stayed home.

Probably. Except Im sick of soup and thats all i can eat, I want to socialize cuz I have been lying on the couch for the last few hours, Im bored, and goodness... I just want to dance...but I cant cuz my ears are pounding thru my head. ACK.

Pity me, just for today. But please, pity quietly... otherwise I may think your screaming at me too :)

Monday, May 04, 2009

Catchin Up on tidbits

Its been a few days.. sorry.

I have very much enjoyed my last few days...

Drinks with F&H to celebrate my 8 years in this country~ always a great time with the 2 of them... and to my amazement, H didnt fall asleep on the couch that evening.. although I did leave by 8:30 and usually thats the time he starts to nod off, and then say "I WASNT SLEEPING" even though I carried on a whole conversation staring at his cute little head nodding away... great times with them, Im so honored to have them in my life!

Little Miss has been very cuddly as of lately.. in fact, each morning, shes on my lap when Im on the computer trying to do things. But see, I dont just sit normally when on the computer... I cross my leg so that my kneecap is resting on the desk and my other leg ( which is tucked under my ass)is supporting my foot (make sense).. well Little Miss cuddles up in my leg supported by the desk, and grabs my thumb with her paw as I type... makes it difficult as anything to type, but its too precious of a moment to disturb her.

I made pecan pie to give to others.. just felt like baking

I sorted a few things at home.. yeah for me.


I also cleaned the kitchen stainless steel with this amazing stuff, which makes it look spanking new again... loving the way my kitchen sparkles now

People are losing their jobs, we are all "doing it tough" they say... but today I received my statment from Rivers Clothing Store to tell me about this months winners~ heres what it states:

Prize winners for the month of April:
(names withheld to not incriminate identity of those 'stimulating the economy'

Person 1 - Spent $3,030.30 which gave her 29825 points. (SHES GETS A $500 Gift Card from this)

Person 2 - Spent $718.10 which gave him 7183 points. This is on top of the $100 Gift Voucher he can claim with his points. ( HE GETS $250 GIFT CARD )

Person 3 - Spent $819.75 which gave her 6690 points. This is on top of the $100 Gift Voucher she can claim with her points. ($100 GIFT CARD)

So... my name isnt there.. cuz I DIDNT SPEND A GAWD DAMN CENT THERE THIS MONTH... WHY??? I DONT HAVE THE EXTRA CASH... apparently I am the only one.. and who spends on clothes $3000 in one month AT THE SAME STORE????? especially a clearance store.. damn thats a shitload of clothes? So, if you see someone with the RIVERS tag running around beggin for money... you know where its come from.. she cant pay her credit card bill!