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Monday, May 04, 2009

Catchin Up on tidbits

Its been a few days.. sorry.

I have very much enjoyed my last few days...

Drinks with F&H to celebrate my 8 years in this country~ always a great time with the 2 of them... and to my amazement, H didnt fall asleep on the couch that evening.. although I did leave by 8:30 and usually thats the time he starts to nod off, and then say "I WASNT SLEEPING" even though I carried on a whole conversation staring at his cute little head nodding away... great times with them, Im so honored to have them in my life!

Little Miss has been very cuddly as of lately.. in fact, each morning, shes on my lap when Im on the computer trying to do things. But see, I dont just sit normally when on the computer... I cross my leg so that my kneecap is resting on the desk and my other leg ( which is tucked under my ass)is supporting my foot (make sense).. well Little Miss cuddles up in my leg supported by the desk, and grabs my thumb with her paw as I type... makes it difficult as anything to type, but its too precious of a moment to disturb her.

I made pecan pie to give to others.. just felt like baking

I sorted a few things at home.. yeah for me.


I also cleaned the kitchen stainless steel with this amazing stuff, which makes it look spanking new again... loving the way my kitchen sparkles now

People are losing their jobs, we are all "doing it tough" they say... but today I received my statment from Rivers Clothing Store to tell me about this months winners~ heres what it states:

Prize winners for the month of April:
(names withheld to not incriminate identity of those 'stimulating the economy'

Person 1 - Spent $3,030.30 which gave her 29825 points. (SHES GETS A $500 Gift Card from this)

Person 2 - Spent $718.10 which gave him 7183 points. This is on top of the $100 Gift Voucher he can claim with his points. ( HE GETS $250 GIFT CARD )

Person 3 - Spent $819.75 which gave her 6690 points. This is on top of the $100 Gift Voucher she can claim with her points. ($100 GIFT CARD)

So... my name isnt there.. cuz I DIDNT SPEND A GAWD DAMN CENT THERE THIS MONTH... WHY??? I DONT HAVE THE EXTRA CASH... apparently I am the only one.. and who spends on clothes $3000 in one month AT THE SAME STORE????? especially a clearance store.. damn thats a shitload of clothes? So, if you see someone with the RIVERS tag running around beggin for money... you know where its come from.. she cant pay her credit card bill!

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Anonymous said...

The pecan pie was terrific -anytime you feel like baking for others is fine by us!