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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just cant reach it....

So my friend Suzy Q is planning on having her family over for dinner last night. Shes has a ton of things to do, and so she decides (also being a vego) that she will make the infamous bean dinner that my family makes... minus the meat. She grabs the list of ingredients which my mom wrote down for her months before and head to the store.

This dish is a throw it all in the crockpot and away you go... beans so delish that you just cant help but lift the lid and do a taste test.

So... Suzy Q is at the store, shopping away. She drives home and sees a Tawny Frog Mouthed Owl (its not really an owl, but a bird in any case)hurt on the road. She stops to pick it up and place it in her oversize purse/bag/satchel so that she can take it to the vets and hopefully it can recover and be back on his normal way.

After all is said and done... she arrives home to start the prep of the bean dish.. only to remember that the recipe is in the bottom of the bag, currently with the Tawny Frog Mouth Owl.. who has a very sharp beak!

Whats a girl to do? She calls mom and explains the situation, saying "I have all the ingredients, I just dont know the measurements! Help~".

All seems to be well, the bird is at the vets, Suzy Q's dinner was a smashing success, and now, as a family, we have another memory to add to list of already fantastic stories surrounding the bean dish.

Thanks Ms Suzy Q for being a friend to the wildlife too~ top job~!

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