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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cleaning your life away

I spoke to my grandma the other day to let her know I was home from my vacation, and to see how she was doing and how her Easter was, etc. After catching up, she shared some local gossip. She told me that a particular person in town had died.. I didnt know this person (age 84) so grams filled me in on some details.

She told me how this lady ALWAYS use to sweep the driveway off when her company left, to remove any dirt from the tires of the car, and remove any visible tracks.

She told me that this lady ALWAYS cleaned... ever since she knew her, she cleaned ALL the time.

Then, she tells me the poor lady died of a brain aneurism WHILE sweeping the driveway after her company left

I guess, although its prob not proper to laugh at it, but at least she died doing what she loved.. sweeping and cleaning. I did however, for the last few days find some chuckles in the contentment that this lady cleaned and cleaned and died cleaning. Then, there was some sadness, as I could only imagine that her husband would have told her at some time in their marriage , "Margaret, that sweeping is gonna be the death of you...."

In fact, that particular thought still makes me laugh. I cant help it.. criticize all you want, but its sort of funny.

THEN I read the obits.. and heres a snippit from her obit in the paper:

"Margaret enjoyed playing cards, sewing, gardening and taking care of the house. She spent many hours volunteering in the community. She helped the priests with their garden at the rectory, always helped with funeral lunches and assisted in keeping the church clean."

HAHAHA I am so sure I would be sent to hell... I laughed so hard, my eyes cried... which just goes to prove that I really should NOT slave away at a clean house... I would hate to be the butt of those jokes~

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Anonymous said...

I feel confident that I will live to a ripe old age, if that is a factor!!