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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Photos Pt 2 (Fruit)

Some interesting fruits available from the grocer or the streets (warungs) in Indonesia... there was much too much fruit, but here was 1 days adventure in the fruit aisle.
(Watermelon.. yes yellow watermelon! And, thats grapefruit on the right hand side... Indonesians are always trying to make things so much prettier than us..)
(Someone told me that this is similiar to cocoa.... not what I would have expected)

I dont actually remember what this one was.. sorry

$4700 rupiah....eiks! the only place I can feel like a millionair on a pitence of a wage~

And of course, Durian.... not my thing, but highly sought after in the Asian regions. I did learn tho, that the Durians from Indo are smaller and more sweet.. the large Durians usually generate from Japan and have a more bitter taste... but thats if you can get past the smell.... not my thing!


Anonymous said...

The fruit you couldn't remember the name of is a carambola, commonly known as starfruit.Used a lot as a dessert garnish in Australia, because when you cut a lateral slice into it, it produces a pretty star shape.Food markets in other countries are so interesting, aren't they? Always fascinating to see what other cultures grow and eat.

InALittleMinute said...

Ah... thanks anon 7:34 am.... always good to have smart friends! Knew you would come in handy~ thanks again.