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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We are all in the same boat.. right? Then why do you think you need a bigger life-jacket?

No matter where you live or what type of work you do.. most people are feeling the economic crunch at the moment. Some are in danger of losing their homes (or already have), some have no job to go to everyday, some have no money to pay the lease on the car.. some have no food to feed the kids or themselves. People are doing it tough... at least thats what everyone is saying to each other.

So tell me this... if your doing it tough financially, exactly why would you go for lunch to the takeaway shop and spend $10 on junk food? OR this:

travel on the weekends to catch up with friends or family over 1 hrs drive
go out for lunch with the "girls" or your best mate
drive the kids everywhere on the weekends
drive to the local shop instead of walking or car-pooling
etc.. you get my point

Im not saying you have to stop living.. but dont sit and bitch to me that you have no money when you are running here and there and feeding your face quite comfortably.. and so forth.

The government here handed out some $ to help stimulate the economy.. do you know where the $ went????? To gambling and drinking... no one ever wants to give up those things. In fact, on a different rant.. my friend is a bartender at a local club here... she told me that the other weekend a certain someone who has recently ran a company into the ground and put thousands of people out of jobs, himself declaring bankruptcy... had a $500 tab at the bar, bet $400 on the horse racing, and he & his wife and kids were dressed to the nines.... oh I can see his suffering...

Just my point tho... IF you have NO money.. stop spending like you have it. It will not kill you to NOT go out for lunch with the friends all the time, it will NOT kill you to walk to the corner store for milk, it will NOT kill you to make a lunch at home and bring it to work and eat it for lunch... THINK PEOPLE.

It amazes me how people want to bitch all the time about no money, short on money,etc... what are you sacrificing to adjust your budget? Anything? Friends of mine just went and bought the kids new cell phones... what the ? Others went and paid for a car (as to which she cant afford the insurance much less the petrol cuz she doesnt work) oh yeah.. bright idea... lets buy her the car too! Genius.

No wonder we are in a slump of no money right now.... everyones been spending and spending and spending.. and all they think is someone somewhere is gonna come to the rescue.

Im just saying this: try to downsize your spending a bit.. a few little adjustments (minimal if you like) can add up and help your situation a bit. You just need to be smarter than what you have been....

Possible? Who knows, but I will bet you a dollar you know someone who is overspending....

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Tilda said...

you are expecting majority of society to use their brains??? Especially when here in Australia there are so many govt programs for many of the "woe is me" group to take advantage of. Country of many whingers. Same with people in the U.S. complaints of "no money" but many people we know living well with many extras in life and young children having mobile phones, tv's in their bedrooms,,all the neccesary things in life ,,ya right. Everyone is doing it tough..spare me. Wake up people!