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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quick Recap..actually photos

So my computer has shit itself...or I would like to say that rather than shit itself, its now on holidays, waiting to be "rejuvenated". Stupid machinery. I just dont want to lose all the contents..... please oh please... keep it working!~

Im at work, and heaps to do, but I will update the photos, and add content throughout the days... at work. Hey, everyone else is in "slow mo" why shouldn't I be? right?

I have things to catch up on, so until I get the home computer up and running properly.... I will give some Snipets...enjoy the first batch of photos, if you have any questions or want a better explanation... just let me know. (above: Rice Fields outside our rented Villa in UBUD. Ubud is almost in the centre of Bali. Although it is only 25 km from where we always stay, the drive takes 2 and a bit hours to do because of the road and traffic conditions. Once you arrive in Ubud, its a whole different world to the other locations in Bali.)
(above: This is the villa we rented while in Ubud. Great deal! We had a 3bdrm, 3.5 bath, private pool, fans, screens, tv, cable, stereo, etc. It was an awesome villa, although the road getting to the villa was a bit interesting... certainly wouldnt walk it at night, too many holes in the road.)
(above: an example of a piece of wood carving in Bali. The town of MAS is known for its great mastery of wood carving, but you can find it anywhere and everywhere. Some pieces we saw took almost a year to complete with the help of a few people.. the detail was so particular. The different woods they used also really complimented the pieces. True artists.)
(above: The gang. A few nights of drinking, and sitting around chatting, and being able to help teach/ learn English and Indonesian. The best tailor around is in this photo... if anyone goes to Bali, let me know, I wouldnt trust anyone else to do the tailoring for me. I fell in love also on my trip... Im sitting next to him..amazing how sometimes destiny just takes you and finds you.... come whatever may. I had so much fun sitting around and seeing all sorts of walks of lifes -tourists, locals, loan managers, etc- all come into the shop and have a chat... it was fantastic!)


Tilda said...

How is it of all the places in the world i've been, Bali is always in my heart. You're right, it is home. Beautiful country, beautiful people that truly live life with belief in karma which creates such a gentleness and kindness and really wanting happiness for others sort of world. Probably the healthiest place i've ever been, physically, mentally, spiritually. Can't wait to go back. How soon can you get time off? Figiured it out in my passports, this was my 19th time to Bali. Hmm still havn't seen it all! wonderful to know you feel the same as i do about this beautiful country and it's people.

Tilda said...

P.S. thanks for sharing all the special moments. treasure them you understand? hahaha