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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grandmas are the BEST~!

It is the End of Month, which means chasing everyone and trying to get money owed, stock take, sorting employees hassles, etc...
As about now, I am about 3 hours behind my normal routine of things... all because no one else can remember that the END OF MONTH duties ALWAYS FALLS ON THE LAST WEEKDAY OF THE MONTH. Its not out of the ordinary, but somehow, no one else seems to remember the date, or the job that they are given EACH end of month. So.. I have sorted them, and am tidying up my stuff. No stress really, just wish everyone could figure out the routine.
But, I have had very little time today to update on the blog... so, I thought I would dazzle your eyes with a photo of some of my favorite people who are very dear to me.
My cousin (the one in the bridesmaid dress) had a wedding this weekend in her hometown which my grandma happens to live in as well. My grandma is the stunning woman in the vivid blue outfit. I love this photo.. grandma gives the best hugs, and it when I look at this photo, I can feel her hugging me as well. By the way, my cousin... is younger than me, but TALLER than me.. I think I might (if I dont slouch) just sit under her armpits....
Love ya melonhead.. thanks for letting me steal the photo!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday excitement

Went to dinner with Firestick J on saturday. Went to the local town and had a fantastic Thai dinner. Of course, after stuffing our faces, we decided to head for a little walk thru town and "try to not look like buddha" anymore. Plus, its always a bit interesting to wander the streets and see the sights... opps, i mean the dress code of the teenagers.
After deciding that we NO LONGER understand ANY part of the fashion trend of the local kids who hang out at bus stops, we decided to head home and have a coffee. Nothing was happening outside of our little "community where we live" but nothing was happening in town either.
A quick change into some daggy looking pajamas and a coffee & a chat latter, Firestick J and I stumble upon a water in the neighbors courtyard. Imagine it... Firestick J is across from affected neighbor, and I am next to affected neighbor. Neither of us wanted to be pitching buckets of we went to investigate.
What we found was a water main, which was to all the units, had a pinhole of a leak. So, the plumber was called out (mind you: evening weekend rates) which involved a lot of mud, shoveling, digging plants, sorting pipes..etc.
We assisted the operation from 10:30 pm until 2 am on sunday morning.
I cant really say that we are confident to fix another one should we stumble upon it, but at least we know what is what in the pipe section of the concrete.
Needless to say, I think the complex manager will be instituting a curfew for Firestick J.... so that any incidents we stumble upon we find before 10 pm...
Ah, but it was so nice to know that we helped stop a flood, and it was great being able to make a coffee on sunday morning... which, had we not stumbled upon the mess of water, we would of have NO water on sunday...
We almost are superheros....right?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Its that time of year again...

I always loved candy corn. My grandma would always have a stash of it at her house. Actually, everyone in MN had a stash of it at their house.

Its that time of year when you always see it around. Everyone is eating it. Everyone eats it different.

This year... I get nothing.. nadda... zilch... zip. Can someone spare some candy corn for a woman who cant buy it in this country?

Oh.. and in case any of you readers are from my childhood and remember the days of CRAP' N CRUNCH.. I must tell you... a box of Peanut Butter CRAP' N CRUNCH made it into my cupboard about 2 weeks ago. I was delighted. I thought I was doing really well on rationing the food source and making it last.
Eh Gawds! I had a bowl last night for dinner, and I am down to one bowl left.... I so did not milk that one long enough (get it.. milk it... cereal.. ha, its funny!).

My new coffee cup

One of the guys at work has given me a new coffee cup:

And yes, most days are like that for me here at work.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Im curious

Why is it that when you live overseas, as an American.. you often hear these words: "Why is it in America, you people ALWAYS...... (insert some tacky tag line here)?"

For example:

The day the media told us about another gun shooting in the USA:

"Why is it in America, you people ALWAYS carry guns to school and want to kill people?"

"Why is it in America, you people ALWAYS think the best way to solve things is to shoot?"


The day the media had its anniversary special on 9/11:

"Why is it in America, you people ALWAYS think of only yourselves?"

etc, etc, etc... get my point?

Anytime there is a shooting in a school in the USA, the media (which by the way... Mr Packer, who lives in Florida and owns a large chunk of media in the USA and AUS) floods the tv, papers, internet and so forth with the news...

BUT WHEN A GUY IN FINLAND posts a video on a popular video sharing site, gets questioned by police and LET GO due to "lack of evidence" and then goes and KILLS 10 people and BURNS the bodies... not a word is mentioned here except for a snippet on the morning news.
Shits me. Is it not one and the same? Is not human life the same no matter where you are?


I dont know what it is today.. maybe its that its a bit dreary outside and cold and blustery...much like a MN September day. Maybe its just reminding me of things. Things I miss.

-the first snowfall
-the laughter of my friends
-the scurry to find your scarf before heading out the door
-one of my best friends wedding
-seeing my friends' kids grow up
-seeing my friends grow up
-spending Thanksgiving with Grandma
-not being the ONLY family to celebrate Thanksgiving in a 100km radius
-feeling the cold chill in the evenings
-looking at the frost on the windows
-etching your name into the frosty windows
-de-icing my eyelashes in the winter

Sounds odd to miss all these things. But, for whatever reason, MN still holds my heart. I love driving the section from Stillwater to Wisconsin and being able to see the Welcome sign.. it just makes me melt.

I would love to see the reactions!

"A total standout is Shevonne Bliss’ pair of trompe l’oeil tennis shoes which have been painted like a flip-flops, complete with faux toes baring an impossibly chic, scarlet pedicure. You could wear these even in the winter when your fiending the days you can crawl back into your summer wardrobe!

While none of the shoes in the Pimp My Flats exhibition aren’t really intended as footwear, the shoes make adorably stylish home decor pieces. For £35 (US$69.48) a pair, they make pretty cute gifts for those shoe-obsessed fashionista friends as well." Courtesy of

Monday, September 22, 2008

Body Art Carnival. Sunday Photos

This guy was all smiles while the crowd was walking by and admiring the artwork. I'm thinking Fightin Mad Mary ( should try to do some eyeshadow like hers! What do you think Mary... are you up for the challenge with all that neat sparkly eyeshadow?

This was odd...
Opp!s... almost gave away his real name... ha! Orville & I kept cracking jokes about this outfit... in the end, I think the funniest one was: So, do you think she does tricks? How much does she charge for a trick? And... I could go on and one about the jokes.. but its prob not that funny to anyone but me.

Body Art Carnival - Part 2

Do you notice that they are painted from the painting in the background? Paint was used on these models.
I was intrigued by the shading of green on the face. I liked this one. This one was an Airbrush job. I think it turned out really well. I took a photo of her, and the model smiled and posed for me (obv another shot). I think she could consume an audience. Maybe I would classify it as a favorite, as far as Pro Team would go.
The face is an interesting piece on the belly. I think I would have made the nostril be the belly button, but hey, we cant always think alike can we? This one looked impressive when you were in person, but not so much in the photo, now that I look at it today.


Its monday afternoon.. I have 3.5 hours left of work and I have been counting since 6.25 hours ago. Its turned out to be a nice day outside: not a cloud in the sky, little bit of the breeze (just enough to help keep you cool) and the sun is beaming down.

I want to be in the pool- or

I want to be having a coffee & a chat- or

I want to be going for a bike ride- or

I want to be sitting on the beach enjoying the day.

Its seems that my weekend was just so busy that I didnt really get a chance to "do nothing". I had a great weekend, but today... today I just want to be outside. In the breeze. Feeling the sun.

Remember the Gold N Plump & Prayer?

You knew it had to happen... check this site out...

Thursday, September 18, 2008


It was a very good night last night at the concert. I will give you the scoop when I have had some sleep... surviving on 2 hours of sleep and am currently at work trying to stay awake well enough to do the taxes... yuck!

So, needless to say I will catch you up on the goss later..maybe tonight after a nap... or tomorrow.. but I will fill you in. All is well tho!

Well, for all my die hard fans of the blog (ha! I made myself laugh!) here is the picture of Orville... he was waiting outside the door anxious as anything waiting for the show to start. He didnt really want a photo taken, but oh well....

Doesnt he look like a kid in a lolly store, so full of excitement!

Photo to appear

I got a photo.... of Orville. Post it later today.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For goodness sake.. do not gather in groups of 10 or more or look like your having fun!

Do you remember being a kid and playing in the park? I grew up at the park... spent many days and nights in the park being active. I recall ice skating on the rinks until my toes were too cold to feel anything... and then I would still skate for another 2 hours. I recall the days of playing football, field hockey, basketball, dodgeball, handball... you get the idea.

As kids we never acted up or "got out of hand". We never, NEVER got in trouble by the neighbors while we were at the park. But, back in those days, you knew your momma had every right to sit your a** down and give you a good talking too....and if you were REALLY bad, you knew that the nearest adult had the right (only if your parent wasnt available immediately). Either way, as kids, we knew that if we stepped out of line.. there would be consequences... and most of the time they would be severe enough to overtake any bit of fun we had getting caught.

There is a park in California (Costa Mesa area) which has banned team sports (classified as any activity with 10 or more people involved). Council planted trees & boulders to help control the ban of team sports being conducted in the park. All because of some "periodic complaints" about noise & safety from nearby homeowners.

Serious? So no one can be a kid anymore? You cant get the neighborhood kids together and have a game of ball... what happens if 4 of you are playing hopscotch and 3 are playing handball, and 3 of you are talking... is that a group activity?

Oh but in being fair... parents can not be parents anymore. Parents do not want to take any responsibility for their children or actions. Dang, parents do not even want to know where the kids are most of the time anymore. (obv I am not talking about EACH parent, but a large % of parents have become blah-zey about it all).

But then again, how many kids do you see outside riding bikes? Mowing lawn? Helping with the gardens? Playing with the other kids on the block? Pretty few.

Who knows.. maybe this ban is only applicable to the fit and healthier (lifestyle) of adults who choose to be active and partake in activities with their friends.
"Signs, signs, everywhere a sign
Blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind
Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jeff Martin "Coming Home"

The concert is tomorrow night. Which means tonight, I have to get my purse stocked with goodies!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I was paging thru a magazine this morning and stumbled upon an advertisement for a book titled "Blueprint". Its a story about Arielle, who lives in Heaven and she is going to be reincarnated to Earth for another shot at life.

The trick? She has invited her friends to dinner, and they friends plan her next life.

Can you imagine? Wow... that was a bit of a thought provoker... my friends will plan my next life? Yikes! That in itself, would really make you assess & analyze your current friend list.

I thought back for a moment at where I was emotionally 15 years ago. I thought of my friends at that time... gawd, if THEY planned my next life... it would be a roller coaster of dramas, good times, laughter, confusion, and a lot of hard moments.

If I go back 10 years ago, those friends would have created a life of a good time, just a bit of drama, laughter, slight confusion, and a few hard moments.

Looking at my present list of friends, I am confident that my friends would give me a "next life" filled with love, laughter, good times, extremely little drama and minimal hard moments ( I believe you need a bit of drama in order to appreciate things as well a few hard times to appreciate the good) and really no confusion.

Its funny as I look at my current list of friends. I realize how much I have grown as a person and how much more impact and value I place in myself, and my friends, over the years. All of it is a part of growing up but its also a part of being okay with yourself and your environment. I believe that our friends, like our environment (home, work, social, community, etc) reflect us as an individual. You are guilty by association of your friends. I really appreciate my friends, and I love the fact that I can look at my current friendships and be proud of who I am, who my friends are, and where we are all at.

That being said, all those past friendships have allowed me to grow and realize a lot of things in life... thats what friendships are about. But for who I want planning my next life... I want my current friends, and I am OH SO THANKFUL for each of them, and for those choices of whom I have wanted to include closely in my life.

Think about it... would you be happy with your current friends planning your next life?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bit of a Hen-Pecked Issue

A company in Minnesota (my home state) has agreed to allow Somali workers to take a short prayer break AND refuse to handle pork at the processsing plant, where they work.

Its been governed under a Federally Mediated Settlement that these 9 workers, and any employees who wish to pray and NOT HANDLE pork, are allowed to do so, if it is because of religious reasons.

Now, before you get your feathers flocking... hear me out.

I think if you want to pray due to your religious beliefs, thats your right. If you want to do it at work, and take time outside of work (i.e. not on your specific breaks which you are entitled to) then I believe its a different sort of cause. They say its discrimination to not let those who chose to pray outside of regulated work breaks... how is it not discrimination to not let me wander in at anytime of day I want because "thats what my beliefs tell me to do?" I think its great if you want to pray and show your committment, but I dont understand how its okay for a group of people in certain cultures to be able to do it, and not for others. Whats fair for 1 should be fair for all, right? But, remember, Church & State are seperate... No God Allowed in Public Schools.... thats how I was brought up... but now its okay for God, or Allah or Whoever to be in my workplace? What? I am so confused.

Apparently, as well, these 9 Somalian workers were instructed to sign a "Pork Acknowledgment Form" before they were hired. Now, that form is no longer in existence. In fact, they have come to a settlement that they dont have to handle pork. They have applied for a job in a CHICKEN PROCESSING PLANT.... did they not think that pork might be touched at some point in their careers? Lets say you work in an Hardware Store.. but you are allergic to Pine Timber... do you really think that your employer should allow you to not 'touch the products' then? Or, what if the thought of a 10 inch purple vibrator scares the hell out of you... would you apply at an Adult Store for a job, or would you wander to the local Wal-Mart and maybe apply there instead?

Maybe its just me, but I think common sense sometimes SHOULD prevail. But then again, apparently I am wrong, because all of this was decided by a FEDERALLY MEDIATED SETTLEMENT. Which, to me, tells me that my government thinks I am wrong.

And all this time I believed that if I was collecting a paycheck from an employer and working for them, I would have to abide by the conditions (within reason) of that environment. Funny that.

But lets not even get started on how the fellow employees are going to react to the Muslims being given extra breaks for prayer.. but if an employee comes back 10 minutes late from lunch, thats grounds for a write-up in the Employee Handbook(after a specified number of warnings). Who knows, maybe one day, the World might find GOD... even if it is to get an extra smoke break.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From Strength to Strength

So there is the story thats been unleashed as of lately. Its about a 19 year old boy from India who has become famous (and included in the Guiness Book of World Records) for bodybuilding. He is 2ft 9 inches tall, and weighs just about 1.5 stone (maybe, just maybe 21 pounds?)

Here's the funny part, and no, I am not trying to take ANYTHING away from him, but you have to admit: you have to giggle after you read this next few lines. Why is he in the Guinness Book of World Records? Well: the worlds smallest bodybuilder of course... with 3 pound dumbbells.

Now, that's funny. That's lighter than most women's handbags!!!

And if you still cant grasp the "lightness" of the issue... lets put it into perspective. He has been listed in the book for the world's smallest bodybuilder for lifting 3 pound dumbbells which is the equivalent to:
A)lifting a 1/2 gallon of milk
B) lifting the average weight of a human brain
C) lifting less than a Mac Book, which weighs 5 pounds.

I pulled a few images off the net: have a look.

Maybe it makes me giggle cuz i love the look on his face.. its just so "serious".

In actual fact, I think its great he has overcome such obstacles (i.e. height deficiency) and has used it to his advantage (Book of World Records).

And... I apologize, I just cant help myself.. does everyone hear the song : "From Little Things Big Things Grow" playing in the background while reading this? Or, is that just in my head?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Its a big moment next week

'Orville' has invited me to see a concert with him & his friends next week. Its a very little venue...not a stadium sort of event.

I will be meeting 3 of his closest friends that night. Its a 2 hour drive. We are all driving together.

Can you hear the panic in my voice? Honestly, I know it will all be great and we will all get on fine. Its just the anxiety of meeting his friends...its just so nerve-racking.

Ack..bring on the muscle relaxers!

Helpful hints? Aside from the usual crap of "be yourself" and all that.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Just another one of those days

I keep looking around my office.. i dont see anything out of the ordinary.

I am positive I am on a TV show, you know, the ones titled: "Make me Laugh" or better yet, those hidden camera shows.

My day has been full of lovely un-intelligent yabbos who have made my day just a bit unbearable.

It seems that so far today, I have dealt with heaps of people who have this similiarity about them:

Its so old and worn out its not even worth it.. is it?

I spoke to friend, who will be titled CS from this point on (abbrev. for Confused Sister) who has made a stupid stupid decision. I knew she would. I told her it was stupid. I am not hiding my feelings from her.

She tells me she is holding on for hope. Hope that he will change. Giving the opportunity that he might pull forth and make the effort.
THIS TIME. How is this time any different from the past times?

CS doesnt want to be alone. CS doesnt want to give up on the hope that it will all be okay. CS enjoys her time with him. CS appreciates their discussions.

Apparently CS forgot hes been brainwashing her for the last xx number of years. Making her believe all sorts of things and then she feels that the trust and honesty can be there again. She lives on hope. Despair. Desparation. Shes lives on a dream. Is it with him, or is it with just anyone?

I told her that I would be there for her, regardless if she is with him or not. Her friendship is important to me and I dont want to let HIM come between a great friendship.

This morning I wondered to myself: If CS was in a physically abusive relationship would I just accept it and let her continue? How is the mental abuse and brainwashing and game playing he is doing any different? Abuse is abuse right?

How is that a person can get to a point in their life that they DO NOT WANT TO BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE WORTH SOMETHING? Why would you sacrifice your feelings and reputation, your self-worth, your morals... all for someone who has continuously lied and cheated? Why?

At what point do you not wake up to yourself?
At what point do you question yourself and your actions?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

2 years already

Its been 2 years since the passing of this great Animal Lover, Icon, Hero, Father & Friend to all... May he be looking upon us and be proud of how we are treating one another, the animals, the environment... the place we live.

As we say in Oz, "Good On Ya" to a well loved and much respected man.
Rest In Peace Steve Irwin

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Somedays you just feel like your gonna get swallowed

Today, or yesterday really, all depending on what country your in, was "My Little Cutie"s first day of school again. Remember those days? They were always filled with excitement, anxious feelings, worry, and fright that something, just any little thing wouldn't go as it should.

My Little Cutie ended up on the wrong bus home, with a very unhelpful bus driver. I have heard thru the grapevine that the first day was a bit hectic, and not as Fun-Filled as you imagine your first day to be. You pray that everything goes smoothly, that your classes aren't miles apart... and they are... I think she might start practicing SPEEDWALKING as a sport and enter the Olympics after this year!

Anyway, hopefully it settles down soon for you My Little Cutie. I secretly dreaded the first day of school... even when Uni started... ugh! So, from all of us in Blogger World... your in our thoughts and theres always hope that it gets easier!

Love & Miss Ya Heaps.. Did you feel like this today at school...minus the gorgeous smile?

My friends situation

I have a friend who is very dear to me. She has been dating a man for a long time, and he keeps telling her all sorts of things. I wont get into here.. its really not my place to put it out there for the world.

He tells her he cant leave his current situation because of his daughter. I stumbled upon the above photo from this blog that I read ( go check it out... its great!)
All I could think of when I came across this photo was my friend. My heart feels saddness for her unhappiness.

My heart stopped as I read

I have just received a text message from "Orville" who has informed me that while he was working today, digging in a particular area, he and his co-workers

have dug up a 7-foot King Brown out of the ground (warming himself). The King Brown is suppossed to be docile ( I dont believe a word of that...) UNTIL it is provoked... imagine 3 shovels coming at you while your sleeping and getting warm... the snake is severly ticked off!

The word was that all 3 needed new undies after that...

I would faint.

Man Meat

I promise a photo of the Man is coming soon. I apologize but I didnt get a chance to grab a photo last night and this weekend we both seem to be really really busy... but i will try my hardest to get a photo before MONDAY posted up here. Promise!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Its the time of year in Minnesota when the Renaissance Festival occurs on the weekends. It was a really neat event my mom took me to as a kid, and I love going back each time I can.
I wont be making it this year, and havent been for a few years, but you have to love the whole experience. If you ever EVER ever get to go, make sure you do... its an experience you will never forget.
How could you walk pass this stand and not buy one? Curiousity would get the better of you, wouldn't it?

Monday, September 01, 2008

The Man Photo

Apparently some of you have lives and didnt get to have a glance at the snapshot which was posted here last week. I will try really REALLY hard to get an actual good photo over the weekend... only if there is a demand to see the photo of my wonderful new man.

So, if no one demands, no photo. Demand? Photo. Get it?

Tilda. Fightin Mad Mary. Anyone?

The People You Meet Along The Way

I love tattoos. Simple. I think they have a place and a purpose for those who want & appreciate them. I only have 4 at this point, but to me each one has a special meaning and has been designed by me. I have not gone in the shop and pulled it off the wall. They are uniquely mine.

My very first tattoo was done by a guy named Kyle. Kyle Malone was just recently new to the trade when I met him and he did my tat. No matter what, the person who does your first tat, well, you never forget them. In a sense, its like they took your virginity.

Since then hes gone on to tattoo all sorts of people, famous & not so famous. This last weekend he tattooed Billy Bob Thornton... and I think Billy Bob has a sexiness about him that is just a bit grungy and hot... jealous of Kyle.. i might be? I love Billy Bob's laugh... heres a photo of Billy Bob & Kyle:

Hey, I just noticed.. Billy Bob has a Ganesh Symbol Tattoo on his left arm... I have one on my left foot... ah.. the ink that binds.