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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Somedays you just feel like your gonna get swallowed

Today, or yesterday really, all depending on what country your in, was "My Little Cutie"s first day of school again. Remember those days? They were always filled with excitement, anxious feelings, worry, and fright that something, just any little thing wouldn't go as it should.

My Little Cutie ended up on the wrong bus home, with a very unhelpful bus driver. I have heard thru the grapevine that the first day was a bit hectic, and not as Fun-Filled as you imagine your first day to be. You pray that everything goes smoothly, that your classes aren't miles apart... and they are... I think she might start practicing SPEEDWALKING as a sport and enter the Olympics after this year!

Anyway, hopefully it settles down soon for you My Little Cutie. I secretly dreaded the first day of school... even when Uni started... ugh! So, from all of us in Blogger World... your in our thoughts and theres always hope that it gets easier!

Love & Miss Ya Heaps.. Did you feel like this today at school...minus the gorgeous smile?


Tilda said...

Even though "little cutie" had a crazy first day, i KNOW SHE HAD THE BEST SCHOOL BAG! No one else had an original Australian School Bag!! If you're ever late for class just tell them you had to get a new school bag, and it just happened to be in Australia so that's why you're late! love and miss ya

your little cutie said...

ha yes.. that's totally what it felt like. (:
at least today went better.
i have stratagies now.
like taking one staircase instead of another (it cuts off about 30 seconds) and pushing past all the slow pokes in the hallway. i never knew how fast 6 minutes can pass.
but guess what?.. right bus today. yay!
so it's all getting better.