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Sunday, September 27, 2009


So.. last night I dreamt of New Mexico & a black dog.... cant remember shit about it but those two things. New Mexico? Never been there.. and who dreams of New Mexico anyway?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sometimes life just hands you a bed

So I went to an open house today. No particular reason, just wanted to see what it looked like. It was empty, seemed to have no furniture in the place at all. When we were walking around, I got this feeling of a weird energy in the place. Something seemed very chaotic, and hazy feeling to me. We went upstairs and you could feel the heavy energy surrounding the place. I mentioned it to mom, and she was walking around the house in differnt rooms than I was, and she agreed that she could feel a bizarre energy feeling as well.

We walk into one of the bedrooms, and there was a lonely mattress, with a few things laying about. What once used to be the man of the house, had now been reverted to the "extra" bedroom with only a mattress to sleep on. It was a bit sad, granted, I have no clue what happened in the relationship, but you know it didnt end great when the guy has got nothing but an EMPTY house. Not even a coffee cup to enjoy a coffee in the morning. No dish to make soup, or eat takeaway on. Nothing. There were a few oddities in the house, as far as decorating goes, and apparently, according to local gossip anyway, she had a few moments of bad judgement and kinda snapped. So, I guess I was relieved that it ended for the two of them, hopefully they can find happiness somewhere else.

But, what kind of person are you to leave the person who you once shared a bit of your life with with ONLY a mattress?

Im sorry, but thats just cruel.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Invisible but not invincible

So I know that I can not make people react in a particular way. I know this. I just wish it didnt shit me so much in how some people act. So, I was wondering... if I wore this stockings and ugly ass shoes (oh, dont worry, I think the stockings are ugly too), do you think I would still be invisible?

Im just not sure if its a phase in the moon or what, but I still seem to be invisible. On the other hand, I had a great conversation with an old friend tonight on the internet... and he is just yummy to me, so thats always a nice plus as well! It was great chatting away and just having someone understand things in life with you.

But, what was even more greater than a great conversation, was when he said:
I will always be here when you need a friend.

Sometimes its nice to have that reassurance. Thank you my friend.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Dust Storm photos!




All photos property of me ( all including on this blog, past & present).

You are not allowed to use without permission. Failure to comply with this will result in unfavorable conditions for you & affected parties!

The Dust Storm.. from my office!





Usually I can see further in the distance, but today.. not so good!

Blustery Bits

Oh my.. it seems as if we are all in a dust storm! From this massive wind we have had for the  last few days, to the dust that is spreading.. you cant see a thing! And, I have concluded that I do not like to eat dust, its not very appetizing. 

to fly on the wind

Also.. as if my hair needs ANY help getting bigger?  This wind / dust storm makes my hair rise up like its own little tunnel cloud! Attractive? Im thinking so!

Monday, September 21, 2009

No title necessary

Sometimes it can be so frustrating how people can irritate you. I know, Im not supposed to let THEIR actions frustrate me, but some times I just would like SOME recognition from them. I dont understand why its so hard to just say something other than YEAH. and its said so monotone. lack of excitement.

I am not asking for the world, I am just asking to be noticed, and heard. Wasnt it always good manners to listen when someone is speaking? Wasnt it always good manners to speak back to someone (commonly known as a reply) when a person either states something or asks another something.

Its not too much to ask. And I know deep down it will never change. But today, today it pissed me off how you acted. Or, how you didnt act.

Maybe if I put on a bunny suit and played the piano at the next dinner party.. would you notice me then?

Some days are harder than others

Some days are harder than others  to keep that “positive upbeat thinking” happening. Some days when I am at work, I become so frustrated & upset at how people can be so unwilling to do their job, and still expect to get paid for it.


Newsflash: I only get paid to do MY job. Not yours.

So, until you start handing me over some of that damn good money your making for WORKING.. er ah.. smoking, playing solitare, flirting, running personal errands, eating lunch AGAIN… (get my drift yet?) well, until you hand over some of that cash for ‘work’ efforts, I AINT DOING YOUR JOB.

Thats right. Read it again Bitch. I AINT DOING YOUR JOB. And, just to help you understand a bit better of how I am trying to speak to you… I ALSO AINT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU AT YOUR JOB. Your Problem.

Thank you for visiting (insert work name here). Have a nice day.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh my…

So, let me start off by saying, sometimes I get rather bored, and end up strolling the web pages of the magnificent WWW and become amazed at all the things people put out there for the world to see. Ironic, I know, as I have a blog, for all the world to see.  But, let me say, today the adventure proved most humorous!  Here are a few photos of some men who are on the internet looking for woman to date, ‘enrich their lives’, or ‘cuddle with’. No shit. Their words, not mine. Anyway, all done with a bit of humour… but I can definitely state that there shouldn't be MUCH SUPRISE to why I’m single……

Case Point 1:
single4 Oh yeah baby! How sexy it is.. you kicking back in the back of the 4x4… tells me your camping or like to be an outdoorsy man.. probably have a drink in the other hand, and by the look of the beard, you probably wouldn’t mind if I didn’t shave my legs all the time. Apparently you like hair, which also could mean that under that cap, you may have little or no hair, which could be a means of the beard compensating! Oh, and I probably don't have to keep really tidy in my private bits, cuz that damn hair beast you have growing ISNT going anywhere near any private of nothing of mine! 

Case Point 2:

 single1Please honey, I find nothing more attractive than a man that fishes. Actually, I don't care if you fish or not, but if this is the best damn photo you can think of to put out there to “FIND THE ONE” or at least get you laid… oh I don't want to be that sucker fish! I'm sure there are more photos of you where you could probably show a bit more personality or brag about your “best catch of the day”… and really, you probably didn't catch the fish, rather your best mate caught it and he's already married. Oh, and Jesus fished… look where it got him. Single Til the day….

Case Point 3:
single2Sorry, this looks like your typical mug shot… and so I added a few numbers to the bottom in case the local police were a bit too busy today. In all reality, as much as I LOVE bad boys… I have dated my quota of men who are all too familiar with how the jail/prison system works. And really, I get tired of taking collect phone calls for your dumbass to tell me how much you miss me. To be fair, the photo isn't all that bad, but change your background boy… people are going to think you never leave the photography stall at KMart.

Case point 4:

single3Ah, the classic photo. An open invitation to your bedroom. Oh, and lucky me, your already laying on the bed waiting.

Seriously? That's the best place for a photo? And it gets better, your BEST shirt for the PHOTO of you that you use for TRYING to find SOMEONE is a $4 bonds chesty singlet? I’m sorry honey, but I want a man whose idea of a “good photo” includes a shirt with sleeves…. especially since your not out in the 100 degree sun.

I just cant look at it anymore, I think I need to puke.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Its a banner

A banner? Really? Well, its more practical than a neon sign, but … oh well, at least it breaks up that bright blue building in the sun!


Wonder whats going up?



The building across from where I work has been home to a removalist company for the last month or so. To begin with, I feel oh so very American whenever I look at the sign that reads: “We Need You” and somehow I always suspect that Uncle Sam’s head will be the next poster added to the fence.

Yet, today brings us the installation of what I assume will be a sign with the company name. Apparently, the sign on the fence is not enough. Cool. But, Im wondering if this new sign will be neon? As we work in an industrial estate, and they are removalists, I cant see the need for neon signage. But then again, I have been incorrect before (ssshhh dont tell too many).

Any thoughts? Keep ya posted!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009




So, after yesterdays issues of the day.. I woke up wishing for things to just cruise along today… in the event that maybe I would not be so melancholy on life and have the desire to crawl back in bed and let the day go by.

So, I took my watch out which gives me a pulse reading.. and guess what? Today I register NO PULSE, it keeps telling me to try again. I am most certainly NOT going to analyze this one… eh.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sinking fast



Oh I have had enough. First off, Im a sensitive person, and certain things can upset me easily. Lets say… seeing a dead animal on the road or an elderly person struggling to walk in the rain and no one offering to give them a ride.. these things I am sensitive to. Its just the way I am. Have been this way my whole life and I certainly dont expect it to change ANYTIME at all.

But, today, my heart has had enough. I just want to crawl back into bed, cover my head, and hide from the world. Im not sure why or what, but I know that I have just had enough. Its all too much for me. My head is tired of thinking, its tired of worrying about the stupid shit it does, or being concerned with my friends issues. I NEED TIME FOR ME. And, I dont know honestly, if I have had that lately or not. I cant think straight today.

I do know that I just want to have this massive session of tears to flow. I just need to release all these feelings inside me. I just want to cover my head and wait and see how another day goes.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Creating Awareness



I travelled upon this tidbit of information from  which tells of 1000 little people made of ice, slowly melting away in a common area in Berlin. Why? To create awareness of melting ice caps in Greenland & Antartica, of course.

Actually, I thought it was a brilliant idea to grab people in such a form. Visual Aids are excellent at creating peoples attention, and what better way to do it, then moving figures which are just like one another, not a real person human form. See, people tend to look at the scenario very differently if real people are used, or if figures who look similar to one another are used. Why? Well, because if the person doesnt see an image of human form which looks as they may see themselves… it has less emotional baggage tied to it, therefore creating an impact of “WOW, IT COULD HAPPEN TO ME.”

This particular piece of work, called Melting Men, oh so original in the name… that, I do think could use some tweeking to make a much more pronounced effect, but eh its not my art, so what am I to do? Anyway, its been created by Nele Azevedo since 2005 for various places around the world, to ‘spotlight the World Wildlife Fund’s warning that melting ice could possibly cause levels to rise more than 3.3 ft by 2010.’ (

What are your thoughts on this type of media to create awareness? Do you like it or not? Would you stop and watch the melting if you walked past it? Would it make you think twice about your environment and its impact on the world?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Another case of SEX SELLS…

I am baffled by the latest news report which states that in December 2008, a new procedure will occur for those who wish to undertake IVF treatments.  “The requirement is part of the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act, passed last December, and will affect up to 5,000 couples a year, angering some.” (Herald Sun)

wtf2So.. wonder what this new procedure is? Well, my friends, these people will have to endure police checks. Yes, thats right, POLICE CHECKS to prove they have not abused children….. THIS CHECK HAPPENS BEFORE THEY ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE IVF TREATMENTS.

Strange and absurd isnt it? So.. people who have already gone, in many cases, a struggle with having children will now have to undergo a police check as well?

Last time I remember having sex (and we all know that sex CAN lead to babies) I dont recall having to line up at the local police station to have a police check or a fingerprint stamp done to make sure that IN CASE I GOT PREGNANT my previous history of anything I had done, would be there for all to see.

So… the couple going to bed each night together who ARE NOT undergoing IVF treatments, they can have a kid, regardless if 1 or both of the people involved abused children prior to them “opps” having a kid…..BUT the couple going to bed each night together who ARE undergoing IVF treatments are subject to such bizarre requirements? Go figure.

Somehow Im just not following the reasoning for that?

Side note: I totally think we should have to apply for a license for ANYONE to have children because there are some SHIT parents out there in the world. And, lets face it, if you can not take care of your child, I should not have to either (tax dollars, etc). 

BUT  I am unsure of why 1 group of people who WANT children have to be screened and another group of people having careless, or planned, sex in order to may/or may not produce a child do not have to endure the same process… i just dont get the double standard!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Eye Candy

So, my day at work isnt exactly the best day of the week, so I figured I needed some cheering up.  I love this man, and his body, and I think I could probably let him babble on indefinitely if he wanted to as well. Oh, Rafael Nadal…. 


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Rant will be here shortly…

My rant has to do with Citibank Visa… apparently being a good payer of my bill, and every excuse under the sun and well… stay tuned.

But Citibank Visa.. you can go F**** yourself.

What a fantastic company :)

I am a night-light fan.. I admit it. I have a multi-colored night-light downstairs in my kitchen which gives a nice dull array of colors throughout the house in the dark. Upstairs, actually at the top of my stairs, I also like to have a night-light here. Nothing worse than stumbling up or down a step that you forgot was there! Anyway, I went to the local grocery store and did my shopping 2 weeks ago, and remembered that I needed a new night-light for the top of the stairs.  I grabbed this one:


its a Dreambaby brand, and I have had good luck with this brand.  This particular light doesnt have changeable bulbs, but it seems to last for a relatively long time. Except my new one. It has died. I walked up the stairs last night to see the slight flickering of my light and the struggle to light my way, as it had previously done.

My first thought was not appealing. I had just spent XX amount of dollars on this item, and within 2 weeks, it had seen its life expectancy dwindle to a flicker as I stood there trying to flick the switch on the outlet on/off as if THAT would work…. nope.  And, who keeps their receipt from the grocery store anyway? I thought I was doomed. I certainly could not take back my light to the store, they would say “company policy” mumbo jumbo to me and shoosh me out the door.  I felt cheated.

But, today, I called the company on the phone number listed on the website. I didnt know what I was expecting actually. I didnt know what I was going to say. All I knew was that I was going to plead my case in hopes of what I wasnt sure, but I wanted someone to listen to my woe is me tale. Seriously, I wasnt sure what I expected when I called, maybe just to be transferred to the complaint department… I made sure I had the model number, but I cant really tell you that I expected anything from my call.

The phone rang ONCE.  A lady named Catherine politely did the company intro bit and I just rambled my poor story about no receipt, as I didnt keep my grocery store receipts once I got home, told her that my light didnt work anymore.. and rambled more crap.. took a breath to try to compose myself and she says, “Just let me grab the item, please hold…”

She returns in such short time that I was baffled that the lady who answers the phone actually gave any bit of concern of my story, I was amazed…

she then asks me, “Did you by chance keep the packaging?”

Ack. I knew I would be getting nowhere now. “No” I said rather sheepishly.

“Didnt think so” she responds.  She then immediately says, “I can send you a new one today, as it should not have been doing this in a 2 week time frame. Im sorry…can I get your name & address?”

Baffled. Surprised. Excited. I gave her my details and told her I would send the company back my light which was not working as soon as I received the new one. Catherine told me that she would be sending out my DREAMBABY night-light today. However, she informed me that the one she would be sending would be a blue colored light (instead of the white color of mine). 

I can say that I expected nothing from my phone call to actually produce a result, I guess I just wanted someone to know that my item was faulty, and although I didnt keep my receipt, I still felt that the company should know the item was faulty. I certainly did not expect the company to offer me a new one, and so pleasantly, and prompt!

I will however, be promoting this company and continuing to purchase their nightlights in the future. I def would say that DREAMBABY products and the company Tee-Zed Products Pty Ltd deserve a gold star for customer service & satisfaction. Its great to see an employee handling a situation in such a prompt manner as well as finding a solution to the customers needs. The company must stand by these actions as well, as Catherine was so efficient in all tasks of the conversation, which Im hoping her employer appreciates such great attitude & willingness.

So, in the future, look for DREAMBABY products! And to Catherine from Tee-Zed Products Pty Ltd, thank you so much for helping me today! I will think of you when I walk up my blue-lighted stairs and think of how wonderful you were to me today!