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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What a fantastic company :)

I am a night-light fan.. I admit it. I have a multi-colored night-light downstairs in my kitchen which gives a nice dull array of colors throughout the house in the dark. Upstairs, actually at the top of my stairs, I also like to have a night-light here. Nothing worse than stumbling up or down a step that you forgot was there! Anyway, I went to the local grocery store and did my shopping 2 weeks ago, and remembered that I needed a new night-light for the top of the stairs.  I grabbed this one:


its a Dreambaby brand, and I have had good luck with this brand.  This particular light doesnt have changeable bulbs, but it seems to last for a relatively long time. Except my new one. It has died. I walked up the stairs last night to see the slight flickering of my light and the struggle to light my way, as it had previously done.

My first thought was not appealing. I had just spent XX amount of dollars on this item, and within 2 weeks, it had seen its life expectancy dwindle to a flicker as I stood there trying to flick the switch on the outlet on/off as if THAT would work…. nope.  And, who keeps their receipt from the grocery store anyway? I thought I was doomed. I certainly could not take back my light to the store, they would say “company policy” mumbo jumbo to me and shoosh me out the door.  I felt cheated.

But, today, I called the company on the phone number listed on the website. I didnt know what I was expecting actually. I didnt know what I was going to say. All I knew was that I was going to plead my case in hopes of what I wasnt sure, but I wanted someone to listen to my woe is me tale. Seriously, I wasnt sure what I expected when I called, maybe just to be transferred to the complaint department… I made sure I had the model number, but I cant really tell you that I expected anything from my call.

The phone rang ONCE.  A lady named Catherine politely did the company intro bit and I just rambled my poor story about no receipt, as I didnt keep my grocery store receipts once I got home, told her that my light didnt work anymore.. and rambled more crap.. took a breath to try to compose myself and she says, “Just let me grab the item, please hold…”

She returns in such short time that I was baffled that the lady who answers the phone actually gave any bit of concern of my story, I was amazed…

she then asks me, “Did you by chance keep the packaging?”

Ack. I knew I would be getting nowhere now. “No” I said rather sheepishly.

“Didnt think so” she responds.  She then immediately says, “I can send you a new one today, as it should not have been doing this in a 2 week time frame. Im sorry…can I get your name & address?”

Baffled. Surprised. Excited. I gave her my details and told her I would send the company back my light which was not working as soon as I received the new one. Catherine told me that she would be sending out my DREAMBABY night-light today. However, she informed me that the one she would be sending would be a blue colored light (instead of the white color of mine). 

I can say that I expected nothing from my phone call to actually produce a result, I guess I just wanted someone to know that my item was faulty, and although I didnt keep my receipt, I still felt that the company should know the item was faulty. I certainly did not expect the company to offer me a new one, and so pleasantly, and prompt!

I will however, be promoting this company and continuing to purchase their nightlights in the future. I def would say that DREAMBABY products and the company Tee-Zed Products Pty Ltd deserve a gold star for customer service & satisfaction. Its great to see an employee handling a situation in such a prompt manner as well as finding a solution to the customers needs. The company must stand by these actions as well, as Catherine was so efficient in all tasks of the conversation, which Im hoping her employer appreciates such great attitude & willingness.

So, in the future, look for DREAMBABY products! And to Catherine from Tee-Zed Products Pty Ltd, thank you so much for helping me today! I will think of you when I walk up my blue-lighted stairs and think of how wonderful you were to me today!

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