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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Another case of SEX SELLS…

I am baffled by the latest news report which states that in December 2008, a new procedure will occur for those who wish to undertake IVF treatments.  “The requirement is part of the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act, passed last December, and will affect up to 5,000 couples a year, angering some.” (Herald Sun)

wtf2So.. wonder what this new procedure is? Well, my friends, these people will have to endure police checks. Yes, thats right, POLICE CHECKS to prove they have not abused children….. THIS CHECK HAPPENS BEFORE THEY ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE IVF TREATMENTS.

Strange and absurd isnt it? So.. people who have already gone, in many cases, a struggle with having children will now have to undergo a police check as well?

Last time I remember having sex (and we all know that sex CAN lead to babies) I dont recall having to line up at the local police station to have a police check or a fingerprint stamp done to make sure that IN CASE I GOT PREGNANT my previous history of anything I had done, would be there for all to see.

So… the couple going to bed each night together who ARE NOT undergoing IVF treatments, they can have a kid, regardless if 1 or both of the people involved abused children prior to them “opps” having a kid…..BUT the couple going to bed each night together who ARE undergoing IVF treatments are subject to such bizarre requirements? Go figure.

Somehow Im just not following the reasoning for that?

Side note: I totally think we should have to apply for a license for ANYONE to have children because there are some SHIT parents out there in the world. And, lets face it, if you can not take care of your child, I should not have to either (tax dollars, etc). 

BUT  I am unsure of why 1 group of people who WANT children have to be screened and another group of people having careless, or planned, sex in order to may/or may not produce a child do not have to endure the same process… i just dont get the double standard!

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Anonymous said...

definitely people should have to pass some sort of course if they want to have children. It should be mandatory every two years. Whether they are biological, adopted, foster, step..i think anyone with children up to age 21should be taking some sort of child awareness/raising course. Police check isn't going to do anything. I personally know people whom have been incarcerated and are now on the outside real world and have children. They are great parents! So whether or not you have a record doesnt have anything to do with parenting skills. Look at majority of the Sunshine Coast. Parenting skills are very much lacking or absent! Many young kids complain there's nothing for the kids to about helping out at home or getting a job mowing lawn, or helping the neighbors or elderly..plenty to do in your own back yard! Also i feel there should be a huge $monetary punishment for people that reproduce more than twice.