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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Invisible but not invincible

So I know that I can not make people react in a particular way. I know this. I just wish it didnt shit me so much in how some people act. So, I was wondering... if I wore this stockings and ugly ass shoes (oh, dont worry, I think the stockings are ugly too), do you think I would still be invisible?

Im just not sure if its a phase in the moon or what, but I still seem to be invisible. On the other hand, I had a great conversation with an old friend tonight on the internet... and he is just yummy to me, so thats always a nice plus as well! It was great chatting away and just having someone understand things in life with you.

But, what was even more greater than a great conversation, was when he said:
I will always be here when you need a friend.

Sometimes its nice to have that reassurance. Thank you my friend.


Anonymous said...

someone with your winning personality could never be invisible. perhaps you just burn so brightly that certain people's retinas are temporarily blinded!!their loss.

GooChick said...

What perfect words right when you needed them. That's a true friend. You are lucky to have him.