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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh my…

So, let me start off by saying, sometimes I get rather bored, and end up strolling the web pages of the magnificent WWW and become amazed at all the things people put out there for the world to see. Ironic, I know, as I have a blog, for all the world to see.  But, let me say, today the adventure proved most humorous!  Here are a few photos of some men who are on the internet looking for woman to date, ‘enrich their lives’, or ‘cuddle with’. No shit. Their words, not mine. Anyway, all done with a bit of humour… but I can definitely state that there shouldn't be MUCH SUPRISE to why I’m single……

Case Point 1:
single4 Oh yeah baby! How sexy it is.. you kicking back in the back of the 4x4… tells me your camping or like to be an outdoorsy man.. probably have a drink in the other hand, and by the look of the beard, you probably wouldn’t mind if I didn’t shave my legs all the time. Apparently you like hair, which also could mean that under that cap, you may have little or no hair, which could be a means of the beard compensating! Oh, and I probably don't have to keep really tidy in my private bits, cuz that damn hair beast you have growing ISNT going anywhere near any private of nothing of mine! 

Case Point 2:

 single1Please honey, I find nothing more attractive than a man that fishes. Actually, I don't care if you fish or not, but if this is the best damn photo you can think of to put out there to “FIND THE ONE” or at least get you laid… oh I don't want to be that sucker fish! I'm sure there are more photos of you where you could probably show a bit more personality or brag about your “best catch of the day”… and really, you probably didn't catch the fish, rather your best mate caught it and he's already married. Oh, and Jesus fished… look where it got him. Single Til the day….

Case Point 3:
single2Sorry, this looks like your typical mug shot… and so I added a few numbers to the bottom in case the local police were a bit too busy today. In all reality, as much as I LOVE bad boys… I have dated my quota of men who are all too familiar with how the jail/prison system works. And really, I get tired of taking collect phone calls for your dumbass to tell me how much you miss me. To be fair, the photo isn't all that bad, but change your background boy… people are going to think you never leave the photography stall at KMart.

Case point 4:

single3Ah, the classic photo. An open invitation to your bedroom. Oh, and lucky me, your already laying on the bed waiting.

Seriously? That's the best place for a photo? And it gets better, your BEST shirt for the PHOTO of you that you use for TRYING to find SOMEONE is a $4 bonds chesty singlet? I’m sorry honey, but I want a man whose idea of a “good photo” includes a shirt with sleeves…. especially since your not out in the 100 degree sun.

I just cant look at it anymore, I think I need to puke.


Anonymous said...

change to looking up news of the wierd, or recipes or ANYTHING ELSE but not all these single losers...just so depressing for the female world to know that there are only idiots lurking in singles ads.

GooChick said...

THIS is the reason I am single!