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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sometimes life just hands you a bed

So I went to an open house today. No particular reason, just wanted to see what it looked like. It was empty, seemed to have no furniture in the place at all. When we were walking around, I got this feeling of a weird energy in the place. Something seemed very chaotic, and hazy feeling to me. We went upstairs and you could feel the heavy energy surrounding the place. I mentioned it to mom, and she was walking around the house in differnt rooms than I was, and she agreed that she could feel a bizarre energy feeling as well.

We walk into one of the bedrooms, and there was a lonely mattress, with a few things laying about. What once used to be the man of the house, had now been reverted to the "extra" bedroom with only a mattress to sleep on. It was a bit sad, granted, I have no clue what happened in the relationship, but you know it didnt end great when the guy has got nothing but an EMPTY house. Not even a coffee cup to enjoy a coffee in the morning. No dish to make soup, or eat takeaway on. Nothing. There were a few oddities in the house, as far as decorating goes, and apparently, according to local gossip anyway, she had a few moments of bad judgement and kinda snapped. So, I guess I was relieved that it ended for the two of them, hopefully they can find happiness somewhere else.

But, what kind of person are you to leave the person who you once shared a bit of your life with with ONLY a mattress?

Im sorry, but thats just cruel.

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Anonymous said...

so very true on your ending sentence...but then...who knows what he was like behind closed doors...we never know what truly goes on in another household.