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Monday, September 21, 2009

Some days are harder than others

Some days are harder than others  to keep that “positive upbeat thinking” happening. Some days when I am at work, I become so frustrated & upset at how people can be so unwilling to do their job, and still expect to get paid for it.


Newsflash: I only get paid to do MY job. Not yours.

So, until you start handing me over some of that damn good money your making for WORKING.. er ah.. smoking, playing solitare, flirting, running personal errands, eating lunch AGAIN… (get my drift yet?) well, until you hand over some of that cash for ‘work’ efforts, I AINT DOING YOUR JOB.

Thats right. Read it again Bitch. I AINT DOING YOUR JOB. And, just to help you understand a bit better of how I am trying to speak to you… I ALSO AINT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU AT YOUR JOB. Your Problem.

Thank you for visiting (insert work name here). Have a nice day.

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