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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sinking fast



Oh I have had enough. First off, Im a sensitive person, and certain things can upset me easily. Lets say… seeing a dead animal on the road or an elderly person struggling to walk in the rain and no one offering to give them a ride.. these things I am sensitive to. Its just the way I am. Have been this way my whole life and I certainly dont expect it to change ANYTIME at all.

But, today, my heart has had enough. I just want to crawl back into bed, cover my head, and hide from the world. Im not sure why or what, but I know that I have just had enough. Its all too much for me. My head is tired of thinking, its tired of worrying about the stupid shit it does, or being concerned with my friends issues. I NEED TIME FOR ME. And, I dont know honestly, if I have had that lately or not. I cant think straight today.

I do know that I just want to have this massive session of tears to flow. I just need to release all these feelings inside me. I just want to cover my head and wait and see how another day goes.

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GooChick said...

Must be the season, my dear. I keep looking for the DELETE button and can't seem to find it.