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Monday, September 07, 2009

Creating Awareness



I travelled upon this tidbit of information from  which tells of 1000 little people made of ice, slowly melting away in a common area in Berlin. Why? To create awareness of melting ice caps in Greenland & Antartica, of course.

Actually, I thought it was a brilliant idea to grab people in such a form. Visual Aids are excellent at creating peoples attention, and what better way to do it, then moving figures which are just like one another, not a real person human form. See, people tend to look at the scenario very differently if real people are used, or if figures who look similar to one another are used. Why? Well, because if the person doesnt see an image of human form which looks as they may see themselves… it has less emotional baggage tied to it, therefore creating an impact of “WOW, IT COULD HAPPEN TO ME.”

This particular piece of work, called Melting Men, oh so original in the name… that, I do think could use some tweeking to make a much more pronounced effect, but eh its not my art, so what am I to do? Anyway, its been created by Nele Azevedo since 2005 for various places around the world, to ‘spotlight the World Wildlife Fund’s warning that melting ice could possibly cause levels to rise more than 3.3 ft by 2010.’ (

What are your thoughts on this type of media to create awareness? Do you like it or not? Would you stop and watch the melting if you walked past it? Would it make you think twice about your environment and its impact on the world?

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