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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Its nice to know what you dont have sometimes

So I was bored last night while waiting for my IPOD to sync. So, whats a girl to do? They check out the local singles on the internet dating site.. this way you can remind yourself that its better to not have, than have.. some days.

Imagine my delight when I see my ex on the internet dating site...again. I just stumbled upon him...

just to let you know.. you totally read the ad differently when you know the person.

For instance.. he says (not the truth, but just as an example)... "I lift 600 pounds of weights everyday" and now that you know him, you can interpret that to really state: "I would love to lift 10 pounds of weights everyday, but I wont, I cant, and Im lazy"


when he says "I like to do (insert topic) and I like to do (insert topic) and I especially like to (insert topic)" You can translate that too: "I think I would like to do things, but I cant be bothered, unless YOU come all the way here and do it for me, then maybe I would like to do that"


although, I did love the man who in his MAIN description wrote (only about 50 words written in his description so far) was that "this is to much effort and if you want to know more, send me an email"

Oh yeah.. its too much effort for you to describe YOURSELF briefly... so Im thinking he might not be all that great in a relationship??? Just a thought.

Ah... sometimes its good to remind yourself what YOU DONT HAVE :)

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