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Thursday, October 08, 2009


I have tried, unsuccessfully, to change the damn channel. Not for long, but just for a little bit. So my head can switch off from my life for a little while. Problem? The damn remote to life seems to be broken. No matter what channel I switch to, there is always this fuzziness of the channels in the background.


I just want to switch modes for a bit. I have tried to conquer the fuzziness with alcohol (I know, not the best option.. leave it) I have tried distractions, but at the end of it, these issues are always clinging in the background.  I just want my head to stop thinking. It hurts so bad. I feel like I have a piece of granite the size of a mountain on my shoulders.

Can someone please tell me where the channel change button is that will work? I just want to slip away… for a few more days… until all this passes over. Then we can go back to regular scheduled broadcasting. OK?

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Anonymous said...

try the fast forward! There's a great australian movie on about a babe in a REAL JOB in Australia!