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Friday, October 02, 2009

Im in dire need of strength

My gut hurts. My head hurts. My stomach feels as if there is a hole on the side of it.

Actually, Physically, I am okay. But, my body is reacting to news that I have been given in the last few days  in a not so well way. And, to top it off, that which I thought would never happen, seems to be already in the works.

I am on a timeline: I needed everything to be okay until Jan/Feb 2010 and then hooray, things would have been fine. I just needed the next few months to breeze by.

It seems there is a bump in my road. GO AWAY Bump!


A date of October 15th has been said to me. Which is way WAY before my timeline that I needed… ack. ugh. F**K. F**K.

I know this probably wont make sense to most of you, but whatever strengths, connections to the upper management of life, the universe, whatever/whoever it is.. please please PLEASE make this ALLL go away until a much later date. Please do not let the events which could alter my life happen with this 15 October deadline.

I Just Do Not Know If I Can Take It.


GooChick said...

I am so very sorry.

Anonymous said...

it's not gonna happen, its not gonna happen, its not gonna happen, it can't happen, it can't happen, it won't happen, it won't happen, its all gonna be fine, its gonna be wonderful, and its going to be a positive response from the people in Jan,Feb that will set you free from the stupid people in your life!