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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Todays Idiot

So.. I figure I should do some segment called “Today's Idiot” as each and every day there seems to be someone whom you encounter where you just shake your head, or gasp for breath quickly, or want to punch in the head.

Here is today's:


Carousing the parking lot earlier today, one finds them self on the defence. Children running thru the spots; shopping trolleys / carts abandoned and left for the perfect dent; the car 3 spots ahead of you that cant decide left or right and then halfway thru decides nope, going straight';  You name it, the parking lot can be scary.

And so finally breezing thru thinking yippee… this idiot pulls out in front of me.. I was driving straight, and he decided to join my lane, which meant he had to encounter another lane of traffic before he came to the very front of my bumper. He is damn lucky I was looking folks, cuz he certainly didnt. His head didnt so much as turn in my direction at all.

Admittedly, there was a little bit that wished I would have gotten him.. ya know to teach him a lesson and all..but then I would have had a dent in the car and that would have really been bad for his health (he certainly wouldnt be alive now).

So hooray for me folks, I saved another idiot on the roads. So, when you stumble upon this idiot and his is oblivious to your vehicle.. you can thank me for not killing him today!

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