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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Baby Events

My dear friend, lets call her Candy Cane is pregnant.. with twins! Yesterday was the baby shower which one of her friends had organized, and surprised Candy Cane! It was great!DSCF2034

A milestone was reached yesterday for me. See, the invite stated that we needed to bring some nappies/diapers in a particular size… What a great idea! Def something that gets used, and now Candy Cane and hubby have an assortment of sizes for when the little bubs grow!  Well, my invite said INFANT size.  I head to the store, get prepared,and ask a friend who has worked with kids on helpful tips to buying nappies/diapers. It may sound funny to you, but never having bought this item before.. I needed to make sure I got it right.

So, Firestick J sends me to the store, and Im feeling a bit more confident… shes told me that there many different sizes: Newborn, Infant, Crawler, Toddler… the list goes on. Speaking of list.. I even wrote the word INFANT on my shopping list… I knew it might be daunting at the store… so didnt want to mess this up.

As I stand at the nappies section, theres a ton of varieties, brands, colors, sizes, numbers, weights, etc… Holy Shit… didnt expect this… pink, blue, green, yellow, purple… packs of 180, 32, 48, 60… shit.. all to many options.

So, I decide to just look for the size. I check the list again.. INFANT. I eliminate all other options on the shelf and find the ONLY pack of INFANT… check the list again, yep, INFANT… cool. Done. I have now gotten the last pack, the ONLY pack of INFANT nappies on the shelf. (Sidenote: Firestick J told me to not get the generic… so that helped the options decrease!).

I head to the store where Firestick J is and all proud I show the package and feel a sigh of relief as she nods in approval. I think I was sweating and elated that  the task was complete. A lady walks by and says “Did you get girl or boy nappies”. 


No one told me this… seriously?  After a moment of panic, I realize it doesnt matter as Candy Cane is having twins: and luckily, a boy and a girl. So Im covered…. at 34 years of age I have bought my first package of nappies. And, better yet, there not for me! I think IF I have kids one day, cloth nappies are the way to go.. damn those are spendy little things for a baby to just piss & poop in!

Thankfully, other women at the party who are childless seemed to experience a similar experience… good times. Guess I can check that off the list… purchase nappies, and survive the experience. CHECK.

I cant wait to meet my friends little bubs… and by the way, if we all looked as good as my friend carrying twins.. I think more people would willing be pregnant.. she looks FANTASTIC!



We all had to decorate a singlet for the little bubs… I made a Peace sign.. of course!


Candy Cane in her outfit prepared for the day. Rattle, bottle, bib, and custom shirt!

DSCF2040 Isnt that the cutest belly?

DSCF2043 Exhausted!

Such a great day, filled with laughter and heaps of excitement for Candy Cane & hubby! 


GooChick said...

Oh man, she does look great! Can't believe there's TWO in there!

Anonymous said...

I think we should have baby shower for you. Everyone bring a can of her fav food! I could make a mouse cake!

willam said...

had no clue there were boy vs girl ones. shit.