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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A 23 minute wait

I grew up in rush hour traffic. I dont mind rush hour traffic. At least you M-O-V-E s o me wh a t at a s-l-o-w s p ee d.

Not yesterday. I sat forever, or what felt like forever NOT MOVING at all. It sucked. No accident ahead.. just "construction".

What amazes me is this: this roundabout and section of the street has taken just up to a year and COUNTING. This is all occuring when there is nice weather 90% of the time.

How in the world does Minnesota, complete with snow, freezing rain, and nice sunny weather only 3.5 months (if your lucky).... how did they rebuild the bridge on 35W in such a short time....

Queensland cant even get a damn roundabout done... and seriously, this has been going on for just coming up on over a year.

This sucked. Thank goodness I had my Ipod with to keep me amused.

The best bit... its the only way for me to get TO and FROM work.... thats twice a day folks. Twice a day of not moving for a very long time.

Maybe tomorrow I will bring my dusting gloves and buffing cloth and work on the interior of the car while I wait for forever to happen.


Anonymous said...

As slow as that area moves you could probably make some money cleaning windows like the Indonesians do in traffic!Love ya Tilda(too lazy to sign in)

GooChick said...

I think you have been away from MN too long and your memory has grown cobwebs, my dear! There was a two week period of time not so long ago in which a bridge was being RE-PAINTED and I would sit in traffic for 2 HOURS each way while waiting to cross over the Mississippi. I actually started to bring a book to read in the car. Ask me again why I enjoy working from home so much now...

InALittleMinute said...

GooChick~ Oh my goodness! Thanks for putting that reality there...I cant imagine 2 hours... i think i would have stored a canoe by the bridge and participated in a rideshare. Yikes I cant imagine, you win that one!

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

When I'm stuck in traffic here in LA I like to file my nails, if traffic is really bad you could give yourself a manicure.