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National Geographic Photo of the Day

Monday, November 03, 2008

House Design of the Year: Australia

This house, near Melbourne, was given the award of "The top honour for residential architecture, the Robin Boyd Award, went to the Klein Bottle House, a bold structure on the Mornington Peninsula." (as per The Age, 2008).

I dont know, but there is something very strange in this house. Maybe it looks like an elephant sat on one side of it? Who knows, but I would love to see the inside of this house and hope that something else would grab me. Maybe part of the "lack-luster appeal" that I seem to have with it, is the house is in an area capable of wide spread views of ocean and landscape. This picture certainly doesnt show any use of windows to grab the outside elements for the beauty that attracts people to that area.

Who knows, all I can say is that beauty truly lies within the beholder.


Tina Steele Lindsey said...

As a lover of architecture, this one blows me away! Thanks for posting this photo - and enjoy your blog.

InALittleMinute said...

Tina~ thanks for the compliment and I am glad to hear someone else is bewildered by the photo as well!