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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A star struck moment

All my life, I have loved Mustangs. It goes WAY back to when I was just a little tyke running in the yard naked and free. There was nothing that could make my head turn or my heart beat faster than a Ford Mustang. Simple as that. When a Ford Mustang went driving by, my whole world blanked out and I was one with the vehicle. Seriously, I can hear nothing else but the engine, and I see nothing else but the car.

And its still like that today. The only thing, they are rare as anything over in Australia... and so are Corvettes, so imagine my shock when we stopped to get petrol this weekend and saw Corvettes lined up in the parking lot.

But, imagine my amazement when I saw this Shelby in the parking lot....oh such a beautiful day!


GooChick said...

I'm not into cars, but is that a tat on yer foot? LOVE IT!

InALittleMinute said...

Good eyes Goochick! Yes, its a tattoo... one of 4. I actually had that particular one done in MN by my most favorite tattoo artist!

GooChick said...

I have two but want one on my foot badly. Unfortunately, I can't find a tattoo artist who will do one. Tell me, did it hurt more than the others?

InALittleMinute said...

Goochick~ i must tell you, I was disappointed that it DIDNT HURT AT ALL. then again, my tattooist told me that he is going to put on his gravestone "tattooed the toughest woman on earth".

Did your others hurt? The only thing he said about the foot is that if you wanted one on the underside, it just wears down... i imagine that would hurt! Ouch~ but I assume you want one on teh top... not a pain at all. was disappointed. If you like, i can give you my guy's details.. hes excellent!

GooChick said...

The one on my ankle didn't hurt at all, then I got one on my lower spine (yes, a tramp stamp!) while I was sick and running a fever and I threw-up twice. I thought I was being a wimp but I learned later that the spine is one of the more painful places to get tattooed. I haven't found anyone who will do feet so I've been debating about the back of my neck -- you know, the cervical SPINE! I'm very nervous about it because of what I went through before.