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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Im running around crazy and all.. today we are having 11 people over for Thanksgiving Day. I think after cooking all day yesterday and tonight, I have discovered why there is leftovers... so the cooks dont have to cook for the rest of the week. And yes, I have already packed up my takehome containers... ya know, the Tupperware 1 Litre sizes.... I plan to take home bitsa everything!

I will be busy taking photos for you. And, I will be taking a piece of turkey home specifically for the neighbor who is pregnant and salivates anytime I mention Thanksgiving. Its quite funny.

And of course, Little Miss already got Fancy Feast Turkey slices (it is Thanksgiving afterall)! Actually she doesnt care what day it is, if your walking NEAR the fridge, she thinks she should be fed!

Must go! Need to shower and iron the shirt and then do the last minute dash of "oh shit, did I remember...."

Love to all.

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Great Photo! Have they set the Doxology to a marching band tune in New Zealand? What's with the tuba in the courtyard?