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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nov 13 blogging block. Today when I put my pants on I .....

I think I have a severe case of Blogger's block.. I just cant think of anything witty or worthy to put into this little column. Sure, theres the typical ideas of whats happening in my life. Well... I dont really think anything all that interesting is happening at the moment.

So, what does one do who cant think of ANYTHING to blog about. Im addicted to blogging, so I feel I must blog. Regardless if I have anything to blog about, I must fulfill that need. Oh, speaking of needs, I quit smoking over a week ago. Its going well. Let me know if you want the name of the homeopathic tablets I am taking.. no nicotine at all! I dont even crave a ciggy! Yippee for me. Its only the 14 millionth gazillinth time I have quit, but hey, so far its working.

Anyway, enough about me .. haha. so I google 'blogging block' and it comes up with all sorts of shit. useless shit. out of date shit. no longer updated blogs shit. AND then... i find this cool thing which gives you little "imagination prompts"... so here it goes.

The prompt for today was: Today when I put my pants on I....

well, lets see, for starters, I am wearing shorts. Rip Curl. Mens shorts (there longer and I like longer shorts). I grabbed them from the basket because of course I have way too many clothes and there is no room in my closet to put any away.. so they sat on the basket NEXT to the closet. I had to pick a batch of Cat Hair off of them, apparently Little Miss Monroe enjoyed a comfy night of sleep on my shorts. It really doesnt bother me all that much, its just part of my everyday routine. I accept the fact that I have cat hair everywhere. I guess its better than having bird shit everywhere (?). I dont know where that came from.. just a random thought.

So, I am dressed and ready to face another day at work. The excitement isnt there. I would rather be home cleaning my blinds or scrubbing the floor. I would rather be productive today. Work is really slow, and some days I JUST WANT TO FEEL LIKE I ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING IN 8 hours... anything. Not today, today I will just be in robot mode and try to not let others reactions or actions get to me. Today I will try to not let others grubby attitudes affect me.

Today When I Put My Pants On I.... I couldnt wait to take them off when I get home and slip on my comfy "at home" clothes and enjoy a relaxing evening filled with cat hair.

Funny.. those little imagination prompts worked. Was it interesting..? I dont know.. but I think I like that site...


Beth said...

today when I put my pants on...I wondered, "Why bother? I'm only gonna put my pajama pants back on as soon as I get home from picking the kid up from school...I don't even have to get out of the car, so no one will even know if I still have my pajamas on..."

ya, I wore my jeans. Still ahve 'em on too. What's wrong with me????!!!!! ;)

InALittleMinute said...

Beth~ love it!