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Thursday, November 06, 2008

It is strange

Whatever your political preferences are or whom you voted for, I hope you dont stop reading this bit of my blog.

I am not going to tell you my personal feelings on the election. I am just glad you voted, if you did. If you didnt vote, you dont deserve to bitch about ANYTHING which occurs in the USA if you couldnt find the time or understand the importance of what it means to vote.

I never thought that we, as Americans, would have a President Nominee be a black man. I didnt think a woman woman would run for VP. It is strange, but they are two factors I really didnt expect to see before I turned 35.

As elated as I am that a new President has been voted for, and the hope and promise of new things to come, which usually follow an election, it still saddens me.

It crutches me that there are people out there who will still make threats on a life because of a color.

It saddens me that at work YESTERDAY, no more than 1 hour after the election was finalized, that a co-worker invited me into a "sweep" or betting game on what month the first attempt on my new Presidents life would be. I dont find such things funny.

I wonder if those who tried to push us down and not want to associate with us because we lived with a "black man" when I was growing up... I wonder how they will feel working for the hard earned dollar and having to look at a "black man" with respect?

I wonder if the cruelty of racism will get better or worse?

I wonder what impact this will have on society as a whole.

I wonder if people, somewhere down the line, will see people as people, and not as a color on the color wheel.

I wonder if more people feel like they have a voice, and can associate with anothers identity now?

I wonder if those who subjected me to racism and hatred as a child due to anothers color,....I wonder how you feel today? Do you feel remorse? Have you learned from your mistakes?

I wonder if at some point we can live more at peace with our neighbors and within ourselves.
I hope for a better future, filled with equality, and filled with patience and understanding of ONE.

It is strange. To be alive for such a monumental event. I hope Miss Rosa Parks is doing the jig and smiling....

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Tilda said...

Its truly wonderful to have witnessed this historical event. It was mostly black people that built the white house and now we have a beautiful family that will be living in it! Most appropriate in my eyes! Proud of you for being such a wonderful person and seeing people for who they are not the color of their skin. Thank you for always supporting me in my life and not listening to what many white folk threw at us. Grandma Dorothy and Derek are both smiling and celebrating in heaven and our hearts. Love ya