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Monday, November 17, 2008

Bitsa Bites

So. I sit here at work, bored as anything. I still cant believe that I have dragged these few tasks which I have accomplished, to last almost the whole day. Normally, these tasks would have taken me about 1 hour to complete.
There is nothing to do at work. Nothing. Nadda. Zip. Zilch. For all of us. This sucks. One can only venture through the internet world for so damn long.

I went to a concert last night. Why is that men just cant get rhythm? Why is it that EVERY man "dancing" or tapping his foot seemed to be listening to a different song? It totally made me wonder why so many men pick up at a club, especially when dancing. Oh, I was drinking water all night long, so I had clear vision. My only reasoning for why dancing men pick up is that the woman is extremly wasted. There were men bopping up and down, slapping the knee, swishing the head, snapping the fingers, clapping hands in the air, swaying the hips, disco moves, shuffle moves.... I am serious folks.. these men could not get a grip on music. Even mine.

I also attended a birthday party for SUPER NAN (as shes called by her grandkids). She is my neighbors grandma, and she turned 80 over the weekend. She looks 65. I will post photos later. It was my job to make sure that Super Nan had a glass of red wine at all times. I somehow dont think that I was the only one with this job, but I did take my job very seriously. In fact, so serious, that Super Nan let it slip on her secret to looking so young~

I couldn't believe I stayed at the pary from 1pm and didnt wander across the driveway to my place until midnight! It was an absolute blast! I am so pleased I was invited. It was great to spend a whole day filled with laughter, love, and a bunch of people who loved to chit-chat!

Oh but great news... Firestick J returns home today, shes been on holidays and the complex just isnt the same without her! I cant wait for a coffee and catching up tonight. I thought she was coming home LAST week, so you can imagine my excitement about her coming home TODAY cant you?

Hope your well!


Beth said...

I don't know what it is about men and dancing!!! But when you DO find one that can gotta hold onto him tight!!!

InALittleMinute said...

I agree Beth~

GooChick said...

Sorry, the only ones who can dance are GAY!