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Thursday, November 20, 2008

It happens to you too, doesnt it?

Do you ever listen to music, a song, a melody, and it just oozes emotions from you?

Do you ever feel an overwhelming feeling of wanting to jump up, cry, hug yourself, deep in thought, or the feeling of heaviness or freedom?

All from a song.

Its amazing what music can do when you listen and fall into the music.


Beth said...

love that tattoo!!!!

and I love seems like all my memories are tied to music. I hear a certain song and it takes me straight back to 1982 or something...ya know, if I had been alive in 1982.......

GooChick said...

I think music is the only medium that can instantly take you back to a time and place from your past. So much emotion can be injected within the first few bars of a song. I love it!