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Friday, November 21, 2008

Its been wet & stormy around here

Just when it seems the rain stops and we get a breath of relief from the mini-cyclone that hit (causing millions & millions of dollars of damage) in the capital city about 1 hrs drive south... it rains again. This time, filling a tunnel with 11 million litres of water and causing massive chaos (the pumps couldnt work fast enough to pump the water out). Then, we get hit again with the rain last night.

Luckily, where I live, it hasnt been that bad yet, but the weather is horrid. Its humidity is so heavy and thick and we are all waiting for the next batch of bad weather to hit. Supp thats tomorrow.

Here is a few photos from last nights sky... the atmosphere was so bizarre. I will def have the camera out this weekend to catch any good snaps if possible! If only I was taller, there always seems to be buildings or trees in my way! I havent touched up any of the photos, the sky just changed so rapidly!

Wish us luck for the weekend... and here's a cheers to everyone for a fantastic weekend your way. Oh, theres a block party in my complex on sunday... hopefully theres some good blog opportunities which present themselves on that occasion!


GooChick said...

Um, it was 11-degrees here today.

KleoPatra said...

i love your photographs!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Would love to see more when you have time to put them on here. OR burn them on a disc to put on my tv!!! Can show them on thanksgiving! You are sooo talented.