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Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Lunch

I took a break from the office today and ran into town to get some lunch (woke up late, no time to prepare lunch), drop the mail off, and stop by the vet to pick up treats for the little one.

I parked near the shops and looked over in the park and thought to myself, "Self, I think I should go and sit in the park for a few minutes and enjoy the moments and landscape. Self hasnt sat in a park for awhile to just sit and collect thoughts."

So.... I wandered to the park, stumbled upon the ONLY bench in the park and sat there, looking at the landscape.

Yuck. How undesirable is this so-called park. Do you see the dead everything under the trees? I realize it hasnt poured down lately, but the grass is greenish, so I thought Mr Parks & Recreation Government Worker could at least stop by and pull the dead shrubs. Oh, but maybe dead branch twig things are coming into fashion now... I really am not much of a gardener.

Disappointed, I could only chuckle at where I was actually sitting- on the ONLY bench. NEXT to the ONLY rubbish bin in the park. I guess easy-access sometimes isnt all that desirable.
I wander to the vets office to pick up tuna treats for little one. Im thinking along the walk of how spoiled my cat actually is. I have ransacked the car and ashtray to come up with money to buy these tuna treats today. I chuckle a bit to myself. Tied up to the ramp of the entrance to the vets office, is a gorgeous dog, clean coat, eyes that shine, and the dog give me a little noise to say shes noticed me. I talk back to the puppy in that stupid dog voice us humans do, and wander up into the office. While digging for the best bag of tuna treats, the man at the counter is speaking to the vet assistant. I clue in a bit, thinking the poor dog outside has been found and the guy is there trying to locate the owner thru the microchip (which I assume has been done).


He's there to book the dog in to put the dog to sleep. Hes moving, and the dog is old... born in 1999. Booked in for Wednesday.
My eyes instanly swell up with tears and I am full of disgust. The dog looked healthy and full of life. The dog was alert, instantly acknowledging people, etc.... I know what its like to put a pet down. I cried when I made the appointment. He was showing no emotion. Im trying to not hate him as an owner, but I cant help but think I should have taken his dog and ran.
I know, I dont know the full story. But todays lunch SUCKED.

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